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Article by Tenisha Edwards

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  1. The first step in buying a house is research and preparation well before getting involved in the process. Foe example, if you’re wondering if new construction is a good idea or not, do some research about building new homes, cost of materials, how long will it take, research different builders.
  2. It’s important to know your credit score and history. Get a clear picture of yours before you begin the process. Yes, a mortgage lender will review, go over your score and history with you but its always a good idea to have an understanding of your situation.
  3. Find a local lender because they will have a better understanding of the market that your buying in and you can meet with them in person and that's a big deal.
  4. Hiring the right Real Estate agent will play a huge role in the success of the process. Buyers don't pay commissions so that means it's free to work with a Realtor when buying your home.
  5. Questions you should ask a Real estate agent
  6. Do you sell Real Estate full-time or part time
  7. Do you have any testimonials
  8. What methods of communication do you prefer
  9. How often do you communicate
  10. Start looking for your home
  11. Once you have found your home, put in your offer
  12. Once your offer is accepted, you put up earnest money
  13. Inspections on the home and that is a cost to you.
  14. The bank will complete an appraisal
  15. Final walk through of the home
  16. Closing day and you start your new journey in your new home.