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Article by VanBrock

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Angie began her career in the jewelry industry 12 ½ years ago. Her love for all things shiny stared when she was young and would go through her grandmother’s jewelry box. Angie loves the importance behind gifting jewelry for meaningful occasions and being a part of the process. She appreciates that her clients put their trust and guidance in her hands. The experience Angie likes to create for her clients is from the moment they are greeted at the front doors, to their first step into our unique suite. Angie says, ‘It’s like home here’, our one-on-one attention to detail not only resonates with all of our clients, but our designers too. Angie enjoys giving back to her community. She has recently been involved with Hats Off to Mothers with the VanBrock team, and Operation Breakthrough where she helped with the auction committee and is part of the Grapevine Group. In Angie’s words, ‘I believe we each have the time to give back and make a difference in someone else’s life, I know it has changed me for the better.’

Angie has learned from her family the importance of making others smile, and it reflects in her day-to-day interactions with her clients. 

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