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Tracy Abate

Sparkling Her Way into the Heart of the Somerset Hills

Article by City Lifestyle Somerset Hills

Photography by April Ludwig

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A Story of Passion, Flexibility, and Exceptional Customer Service

The Somerset Hills are now brighter with the presence of "Sparkle with Tracy," a business that combines the allure of Swarovski crystals with the personal touch of its founder, Tracy Abate. Tracy’s journey with Touchstone Crystal, the direct selling division of Swarovski, reflects her passion for socializing, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her commitment to customer service.

Three Decades of Love and a Growing Family

Tracy, who has been married for 30 years, is not just a proud mother of three, but also an expert at weaving love and care into her business. A delightful anecdote from her journey with "Sparkle with Tracy" highlights this perfectly.

During the challenging times of Covid, Tracy hosted a Zoom Sparkle playdate. This event, a blend of new and familiar faces, including some who were new to Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, or as Tracy playfully calls them, "sparkle virgins." It was here that Tracy's commitment to her clients shone brightly. A woman, new to the brand, ordered a bracelet but missed out on a special customer offer due to her unfamiliarity with the brand. When Tracy followed up, the customer expressed interest in availing of the special. Though the initial order was complete, and it seemed there was little Tracy could do, her dedication to customer satisfaction didn't allow her to leave it at that.

Understanding the importance of each customer's experience, Tracy reached out again, leading to an honest conversation where she apologized and crafted a solution that delighted the customer. This instance not only transformed a dissatisfied customer into one of her best but also forged a very close friendship. Such stories are a testament to Tracy's ethos - a mix of personal connection, exceptional service, and the undeniable sparkle of her personality and business.

From Staten Island to Middlesex: A Journey to Entrepreneurship

Originally from Staten Island, NY, Tracy has called Middlesex, NJ, her home for the past 29 years. Her venture into the sparkling world of Swarovski started as a social endeavor as she transitioned into life as an empty nester. What began as a pastime soon blossomed into a thriving business, showcasing Tracy's knack for turning passion into profession.

Sparkle with Tracy: More Than Just Jewelry

At the core of "Sparkle with Tracy" is more than the glittering allure of Swarovski jewelry; it’s about creating memorable experiences and fostering connections. Tracy brings a unique charm to each event, whether it’s a Sparkle Social, Wine and Shine, or a Girls Night Out. She ensures that every host and their guests enjoy not just the beauty of Touchstone Crystal pieces but also the joy of companionship, whether rekindling old friendships or sparking new ones.

These gatherings are more than just shopping experiences; they are vibrant celebrations. Tracy orchestrates each event with a keen understanding of the power of social bonds, ensuring that each guest leaves with a smile, a piece of sparkle, and cherished memories. Her events are not just about displaying exquisite jewelry; they're about creating an atmosphere of warmth, fun, and genuine connection, making each Sparkle Social an event to look forward to.

A Philosophy Rooted in Passion and Daily Engagement

Tracy's approach with "Sparkle with Tracy" is deeply personal. She frequently engages with her audience live, offering them a chance to know her not just as a business owner but as a real, approachable person. This transparency has turned many customers and hostesses into personal friends, showcasing the unique, relationship-focused nature of her business.

Tracy's interactions are more than just about selling jewelry; they're about creating a community where people feel connected and valued. This personal touch is one of the key perks of her work, making "Sparkle with Tracy" a standout in the Somerset Hills community.

Future Aspirations: Continued Growth and Giving Back

Tracy's vision for "Sparkle with Tracy" extends beyond the dazzling world of jewelry. It embodies her deep-rooted aspiration to continue sharing the sparkle while also making a meaningful impact on the community. Central to this vision is her commitment to supporting causes close to her heart.

A poignant example of her dedication is her involvement with Dance for the Cure, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting those diagnosed with breast cancer. This cause is more than a charitable effort for Tracy; it's a personal mission to aid those in their most challenging times.

Additionally, Tracy is a proud member of BWNICE - Somerset Chapter, supporting Safe + Sound Somerset, an organization focused on aiding individuals affected by domestic violence. Her participation in these causes demonstrates how her business serves as a platform not only for growth but for philanthropy and community support.

Tracy’s aspirations are not just about expanding her business; they are about leveraging her success to give back and provide support where it's most needed. As "Sparkle with Tracy" grows, so does her ability to contribute positively to the lives of others, making her business a beacon of hope and kindness in the Somerset Hills community.

Exceptional Customer Service: A Hallmark of Tracy’s Business

Tracy takes pride in offering exceptional customer service, personally handling orders to ensure clients get the best deals and are satisfied with their purchases. In an era where customer service often falls short, Tracy stands out by being readily available and genuinely appreciative of every order.

A Life Filled with Joy and Interests

Outside her sparkling world, Tracy is a fervent football fan, a beach lover, and a frequent visitor to Aruba. She is actively involved in planning her daughter's wedding, demonstrating her knack for organizing and celebrating life's special moments.

Tracy’s Mantra: Socializing and Culinary Delights

Tracy's love for socializing is matched only by her passion for cooking, especially her renowned homemade sausage and peppers, Sunday Sauce, and meatballs. These culinary creations are not just a treat for the palate; they're a reflection of her warmth and hospitality.

Her knack for cooking has become a hit among her clients, further cementing her reputation as someone who brings joy not only through her jewelry but also through her delightful cooking. Tracy's approach to business is infused with these personal touches, making her more than just a business owner – she's a cherished member of the Somerset Hills community, known for her sparkling personality and her flavorful culinary contributions.

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