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A Guide to Landscaping in Fort Myers


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As with most of Florida, the landscape in Fort Myers is naturally lovely, with all the plants and trees that grow across the city. 

All the various attractions that you could visit, from the Edison & Ford Winter Estates to Burroughs Home and Gardens, you will find elegant landscape work. 

The residents of Fort Myers, in keeping with the fad, have been doing a fabulous job with maintaining their outdoor spaces.

If you are trying to find a good landscaping company to assist you with transforming your yard to make it more attractive, then read this guide to landscaping in Fort Myers, FL.

Landscaping Companies in Fort Myers

The myriad of landscaping companies in the beautiful city is easily accessible. They range from essential to commercial, so the one you choose should match the task you have for them to do.

The cost of landscape services varies based on the scope of your project. 

The more technical the project, the more costly it will be, based on the fact that it will involve a lot more people, including a landscape architect and a contractor, to manage the entire task.

Juniper landscaping is well-respected and does full-service landscaping at the residential and commercial level.

Main scape Landscaping company provides innovative landscaping services in Marina Bay and all across Fort Myers.


To ensure that your big outdoor project is done correctly, you should obtain the services of a landscaping contractor. 

They can handle the entire project unless you believe that you have the wherewithal to find an architect and the different contractors required to take each work area.

Not every Landscaping contractor is knowledgeable about every aspect of landscaping. Therefore you should find out from your contractor what type of landscaping they specialize in.

You also want to know that the contractor is licensed and insured. Ask them about the length of time for the task and how many people it will require.


Once your project is beyond just planting trees and flowers, you must hire a landscaping architect to do all the technical planning and designing.

Architects can be affordable or very expensive, so it is up to you to decide, based on your budget, which architect you can take on. Pinnacle Landscapes, Inc. is versatile at irrigation and other landscaping services. 

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Landscape Design Services: Flowers, Mowing + More

You can easily find a skilled landscape designer to layout your garden and do lawn care tasks.

They usually know what time of year individual plants should be sown, and they know the yard sections.  

However, if they're not certified architects, it is not recommended to have them do technical duties, such as outdoor lighting and irrigation.

Where to Find Landscaping Supplies + Materials

Off South Cleveland Avenue between Page Park and The Rookery are multiple landscaping supply stores. 

Among that cluster, you will be able to purchase every type of material needed for an outdoor undertaking.

Supplies include mulch, organic plant food, sod, white river rock, and more.

Finally, Fort Myers is a prime example of how landscaping should be undertaken, and residents will have no difficulty getting quality contractors and landscape architects when needed.

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