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Concierge Medicine


Article by Mark Aljon A. Piaña

Concierge medicine, also known as VIP or Boutique medicine, is a membership-based healthcare model where patients pay an annual or monthly fee directly to the physician for enhanced care and services beyond what traditional health insurance plans cover.

How Concierge Care Works

Concierge medicine provides patients with a direct relationship with their primary care physician. Doctors typically limit their concierge membership to several hundred patients, compared to the 2,000+ patient loads maintained by most traditional practices. This allows them to provide appointments that last 30 minutes or longer and accommodate same-day appointments for urgent matters.

Some key aspects of concierge medicine include:

  • Access and Availability - Patients get same or next-day appointments that are longer and more convenient. Doctors limit their patient panel size leading to more individualized care.
  • Personalized Care - More time is spent on preventive care, comprehensive exams, coordination of specialists, and customized treatment plans. Access to the doctor via phone, email, or text for questions is common.
  • On-Call Access - Many concierge practices provide patients with direct cell phone access to their physician 24/7.
  • Amenities - Concierge practices aim to provide a better patient experience with shorter wait times, private waiting areas, and coordination of medical services/appointments. Some offer additional wellness services not typically covered by insurance.

One exceptional concierge medical practice in the Las Vegas area is Dr. Ed Soumi's Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada. Dr. Soumi, a board-certified internist, established his concierge practice to provide patients with a valued place within a small healthcare community. Dr. Soumi takes an integrative approach combining conventional or allopathic medicine with Functional Medicine to provide patients with the highest quality of care.

At Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada, the objective is to provide patients with the very best care tailored to their unique medical needs. Dr. Soumi and his team aim to create valuable doctor-patient relationships by taking time to listen to patients’ concerns and connect on a more personal level. This level of care and attention simply isn’t feasible in crowded hospitals and rushed group practices. 

Their services include the following:

  • Unlimited office visits
  • Comprehensive annual health exams
  • Access to a physician 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Same-day and guaranteed next-day medical care
  • Comprehensive annual labs
  • On-sight phlebotomy
  • Wellness and lifestyle modification programs including weight loss.
  • In office injections including Vitamin B12, Kenalog, glutathione and Rocephin as needed
  • IV hydration
  • Functional medicine
  • Other office procedures such as EKG, ABI (screen for peripheral vascular disease) etc.
  • Men's Health, HRT and peptides

In Las Vegas and surrounding areas, Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada is exceptional as a truly patient-focused practice. Dr. Ed Soumi’s commitment to personalized care, convenience, and preventive health provides members with an invaluable healthcare experience. His boutique approach focuses on building relationships, spending quality time with patients, and delivering medicine’s most valued resource—a caring, attentive physician when you need one.

With better access, personalized care, and a focus on staying healthy, concierge medicine is becoming a more convenient way of getting medical help. As people look for more attentive healthcare, concierge practices are likely to become even more popular. This shows that more people prefer healthcare that is personalized and focused on preventing health issues.

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