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Article by C J Knapp A.S.I.D. Yours by Design

Photography by C J. Knapp

This is the year of self expression ! Its time to enjoy color again from the very softest hues to deep rich tones. Color is coming back into vogue. This does not mean for those of you who had your entire interior painted grey that you need to change everything. Quite the opposite. You have laid done a neutral palette that you can add to with pillows, rugs, accessories, artwork, maybe an accent wall, or paint a dramatic color in your foyer!

Color can be added in case pieces and furniture too. For example: paint your islands cabinetry deep blue or rich burgundy, add drama by painting a piece of furniture with a bold color, or re-upholster a chair in a fresh colored pattern. The sky is the limit. Call your favorite Interior Designer and add personality to your home.

C.J. Knapp A.S.I.D.


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