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Article by Gabrielle White | ML Interiors Group

Photography by Sarah Linden

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The holidays are just around the corner….and that means lots of celebration, joy, and fellowship - and what better way to share the love than by sharing a meal!

At ML Interiors Group, we know what it means to have a home that makes you feel warm and fuzzy through the holidays and beyond, with the kitchen being the heart of gathering for our loved ones. Though operating in a less-than-ideal kitchen layout is possible, it's not always desirable. Especially if you’re the kind of person who demonstrates their love through cooking for others. And if the kitchen is your most-used space, then you’re deserving of a kitchen that works as hard as you do. 

Quartzite countertops are making a big impression in the world of kitchen design, and for good reason. Not only is this lesser-known material more durable than the classic granite countertop, but also emanates that same luxurious style commonly seen in marble (which quartzite also outlasts according to the Mohs hardness scale). Open shelving is also becoming more sought-after when it comes to kitchen design, as this allows your trendy dishware to be on full display with some of your favorite decorative items - without compromising storage space or aesthetic appeal. 

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Just as well, ML Interiors Group is very detail-oriented and careful to incorporate what makes YOU smile. With clever and creative design expertise, our team produces results that are beautiful and unique - perfect for personal appreciation or shared conversation with friends and family. The breakfast table pictured above gives the impression that it is cantilevered, yet is actually held up through hidden structural support within the attached kitchen island. The brass-inlaid table top adds charming visual appeal as the cherry on top. (Psst ....Does the left image look familiar? We were recently featured in the Park City Lifestyle September Issue)

Feeling inspired to begin your own kitchen renovation journey? ML Interiors Group is here to help - give us a call or check out our website to learn more!

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