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6 Ways You Can Uplift  Another Mom 


Article by dream style fiesta

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Motherhood seems to be easy but in reality sometimes it gets extremely hard. No matter how perfect we are we all need that extra encouragement. Starting today we all can encourage another mom in many ways. Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  1. You are amazing: When you see a mom is having a rough day, or she is tackling some difficult situation with her kids, using encouraging words like, "you are amazing!" can really make her day.
  2. You are inspiring: When you see a mom whom you admire for her upbringing of kids, managing work life balance, for her dressing style, make sure you recognize her by telling her, "you are an inspiration to others!" 
  3. You are strong: When you see a new mom having a melt down, let her know, "you are strong and just hang in there!"
  4. I can help you: Offer help to your fellow friend/mom if you think she is seeking help in something, and you have the answer for that.  
  5. Yes, you can do this: When you see a mom is struggling to achieve her goals, all she needs is some support. Tell her that "yes, you can do this!"
  6. Well done: When you see a mom who has achieved something or reached a goal, don’t forget to pat her on the back by saying, "well done!"