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Spring Maintenance 


Article by Andrew Hopkinson

Photography by Andrew Hopkinson



Spring is just around the corner and now’s the time of year to schedule your spring maintenance and get your luxury home ready for the spring! This process will help keep your homes systems, appliances and equipment working at peak performance.

Here is a basic checklist for keeping track of what needs to be done. Simply copy and customize to what your house needs!

Exterior – Pool, Patio, Fountains and Hardscape

Schedule your pool and spa opening. Make sure company inspects pool and equipment before commissioning.

Turn on exterior waters to non-heated pool house and outdoor showers.

Repair masonry and driveway cracks developed during the winter.

Clean and put out the outdoor furniture, cushions, flowerpots and accessories.

Check all exterior and landscape lighting, clean fixtures and lenses. burned-out light bulbs.

Clean all gutters and drains, confirm proper runoff.

Pull snow markers along driveway and repair any damage to driveway from snow removal ops.  

Put out all the garden hoses at exterior water spigots.

Turn on the irrigation system, outdoor sinks, and water features.

Exterior – Landscaping:

Check and clean any exterior drains in the yard, driveway or at the basement door.

Lawn: Perform spring clean-up and apply organic fertilizer, core, aerate and overseed.

Apply recommended applications/feedings to have healthy plantings, trees, shrubs and lawns.

Prune ornamental tree branches, as needed.

 Interior – Heating, Cooling and Power:

Switch thermostats to auto or cool from heat mode. Turn of humidifiers.

Service HVAC systems and change filters (Bi-annually).

 Service the boiler, furnace and other heating equipment clean, and service as needed.

Check back-up power systems service recommendations for power generators (typically twice/year).

Change water filters, check UV bulb (Replace Annually) water softener, add salt water main shutoff.

Clean sink waste traps (quarterly).

Pour lemon juice in garbage disposals to help control odors.

Clean out/inspect replace filters on dishwashers.

Clean and flush infrequently used basement waste ejector pumps (monthly)

Clean out central vacuum system canisters and check filters.

Clean grease out of cooktop exhaust filters (Quarterly)

Run self-clean on oven (based on usage)

Run self-clean on ice maker (based on water quality)

Clean-out dryer vents and hoses (Bi-Annually)

Clean and Seal of marble and granite tile and countertops (Bi-Annually) Inspect all tile surfaces and re-grout tile if needed, especially in showers, bathtubs and sink areas.

 Safety and Security:

Check and change batteries in electronic locks, safes and flashlights.

Clean security camera lens and do any system maintenance.

Test smoke and CO detectors and replace batteries if not hardwired.

Inspect/replace fire extinguishers (annually)

Garage and Automobile Care:

Make sure stored vehicles are on trickle battery chargers.

Clean off sensors on garage doors safety eyes at base of the door.

Test/replace garage door opener batteries (annually).

Check your car - tire treads, pressure and washer fluid level.

 Service Contracts and Maintenance:

Do a general spring inspection of roofing, mechanical rooms, generators, etc. and set up repair visits as needed.

Security system, Audio/video, computer, network updates HVAC - heating, oil, gas Well pump and/or water filtration, Pest control, Snow removal, Trash pick-up, Landscaping care.

Are you’re making any repairs or updates, you may be interested in migrating to more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, cost-saving solutions. Technology has brought about a wave of “green” options for many features in a home, from lighting to HVAC, flooring, water usage and much more. We are an Authorized Aeroseal Dealer we can save our clients between 25% - 40% on heating and cooling costs.

Yes, running a home is a lot of work! It takes planning, patience and persistence. If you don’t have the time, interest or skill level to manage the above tasks (plus repairs, remodels, upgrades, etc.), you can hire a property management company to handle some or all of it. For example, we at Fox Hill Luxury Real Estate Services handle the full spectrum of luxury property care – from scheduling, providing & overseeing professional maintenance & repair services, to doing projects ourselves. Whether you’re at home, work, or away, we can be your single point of contact for all home and property needs. We make sure everything runs smoothly, maintain a physical presence at the property, and handle urgent issues that may arise. Learn more about our approach and our variety of property management services. We are an Authorized Generac Dealer we can install and maintain you back-up power systems,

We are Fairfield County’s Leading Luxury Property Management company! We have been maintaining and managing some of the finest homes in Fairfield and Westchester Counties for over 40 years. We are the company Fairfield Counties top Real Estate Brokers call first when they need an issue rectified ASAP. We are on call 24/7 for our valued clients. Please find a sample of our processes here.


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