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Food for Your Soul


Article by Leigha Huggins

Photography by Leigha Huggins

Feed Your Soul Today

Serving Size: 1

Food for your soul…ummm…yes please! (This may be the only recipe that speaks to all meal platforms—vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, etc.)

The simple key to making this recipe a success is do not marinate your thoughts too long. Simple is best; don’t overthink it. 

This is beyond comfort food, beyond your taste buds, and a recipe to be reminded of often. In fact, print it off and post it to your fridge.

The amazing news is there is no prep time! Wait, what? I know, that’s amazing! When you are ready, just start; it’s like instant satisfaction of thought.

To Enjoy:

+ Ringer off. We don’t need any notifications of others thoughts chiming in over ours!

+ Water on! This is your choice, by the way. Ice water or hot tea—plain or possibly add a lemon wedge. Don't have one this time? Don't worry dear, you can pick some up the next time you go out. This isn’t about life giving us lemons; this is about enjoying the lemons when you can.

+ Words. Yes, I want you to think, write, or say out loud something that you want, not surface, like heartfelt, want. Yes, marinate in that thought (but not too long). Thoughts are intended to be fluid and natural, to motivate and dissipate. 

+ Movement. Stretch, squat, plank—do what you wish, you amazing warrior! Oh yeah, you can strike that pose too.

+ Time. 15 min daily! Please, this is time just for you!

+ Fancy up! What makes you feel good, besides your most comfortable pair of pants? Paint those nails, curl that hair, freshen up those eyes. Because sometimes we just need an excuse to feed our soul, in whatever way makes you smile today.