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Affordable Tie Dye Loungewear


Article by Ali Jauregui

Photography by Ali Jauregui

Let's face it — we are week two or three into quarantine and not sure when it's going to end, so you definitely need to add some color into your life! Tie dye has been all the rage for the past few months and I wanted to share some affordable tie dye loungewear sets you can wear while being stuck at home, but that will make you feel good too!

Tie Dye Sets from Target

Target has been upping their game for a while now and they were one of the first to jump on board with the whole affordable tie dye loungewear idea. If the ones you want are sold out, sign up for notifications when they get restocked. They have some loungewear sets that are shorts and some with pants. So great to easily mix and match — wear lounging in the house and take the sweatshirt and pair with some jeans. Easy to stay on trend and wear multiple ways!

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Tie Dye Lounge Wear From Nordstrom

Nordstrom is always a go to for me. They make it super easy to shop online, return in the stores and there is no expiration date of when you have to do so. Always a win in my book! They have been having a great sale lately too during COVID-19 and it's been hard to stay away. So many great affordable tie dye loungewear sets and separates to wear while being home.  

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Lounge Wear from Revolve

Here is a great online company. It's a little more pricey — but you can definitely find some quality pieces! Not to mention — all the tie dye lounge wear sets you can imagine. So many fun colors and prints to mix and match as well. 

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Tie Dye Lounge Wear Set from Social Threads

This is one of my favorite sets currently. It's so soft and easy to throw on and wear around the house, and then to bed. I may have done this once or twice... ;) It's currently out of stock sadly, but sign up for email notifications! Here are some others I am loving that look very similar!

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Loungewear Set from JC Penny

This set is such a steal at $15 a piece! I've heard it's super soft too. If you don't want to go full on color and tie dye, this is a nice alternative to the trend. 

  • 59e923ce-3da7-446a-8838-05ec37876640-1

Are you liking the tie dye trend? I did once tell myself a few months ago that I could never get on board with it and now I'm slightly obsessed! There are just so many options out there and it's a fun way to add some color for spring and summer. What do you think?