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Tailored Training


Article by Renee Donnell

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They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and one of the best ways to care for your dog and prepare them for success is to make sure they have the proper training. It can be an intimidating journey to find the best trainer for your dog. This process can bring up a plethora of questions, but these questions are important to ask. To make the process smoother, having knowledge and learning the answers to your questions can be very beneficial.

Below are a couple common questions related to determining the right dog trainer along with advice and tips to put your mind at ease:

How do I know if someone is the right trainer for me?

-The first step in finding the right dog trainer is to research their training philosophy and methods. The next step would be to keep open communication to ensure your needs are met and to make sure your trainer understands what you’re looking for. Each dog is unique and your trainer will be more of an asset if they understand your specific situation.

Will your program fix all of my dog’s issues after one board and train/session package?

-There are many aspects that come into play when determining the efficacy and longevity of results. For example, genetics, the severity of behavior problems, consistency in implementing training principles after the program is complete, etc. You can’t develop a perfect dog in a single session. However, these programs and methods are proven to be effective as long as you continue to do the work necessary to maintain these changes and invest in your dog in the future.

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