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What Is a She Shed?


Article by Kate Baxendale

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We’ve all heard the term “man cave” and its purpose in modern life. Typically, the basement is the space in a heterosexual couple’s home that’s reserved for masculine decor and activities. It’s a place for the man of the house to spend time alone or with his friends—watching sports, playing pool or darts, drinking beer and relaxing. 

What may be less familiar is the concept of the she shed—a direct response to the concept of a man cave. 

What is a She Shed? What’s its Purpose?

The concept of a man cave has long been a familiar and accepted part of home life. It’s understood that men, particularly those who live with their female partner, need their own dedicated space in their home to relax, unwind and be themselves. 

3 Reasons Why You Need a She Shed for Your Home

Just as men need their own space, women do too. Here are a few reasons why every woman should have a she shed.

It’s a Place to Enjoy Your Hobbies

Whether you enjoy sewing, yoga, reading or painting, a she shed gives you endless options for creating a designated space to enjoy your hobbies. The shed can be a place to practice yoga or work out, a place to store your art supplies and get creative, or it can be a place to curl up with a good book or binge-watch a TV show.

It can also be a place to entertain! Invite your friends over for happy hour or a movie night in a space that’s entirely your own. Host an intimate party that includes arts and crafts and snacks.

Space Can Improve Your Relationship

Too much togetherness can test even the strongest of relationships. Having a designated space to go when you need some alone time is perfectly healthy.

If you’ve had a disagreement with your spouse, sometimes the best way to resolve it is to take some space. Then you can reflect on the situation, collect your thoughts and come to terms with your emotions instead of blowing up at your partner. 

It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Spending time by yourself and enjoying your own company is an important part of nurturing the relationship you have with yourself. If you have kids, the same principles apply. Creating a peaceful she shed where you can go and relax and be with your thoughts is a healthy practice. 

We all get overwhelmed sometimes, so it’s important to have a special place to go when you’re feeling stressed. When you’re by yourself in your own space, you can choose how to spend your time, whether that’s taking a nap, practicing yoga, throwing on a pottery wheel or watching a favorite movie.

The Secrets to a One-of-a-Kind She Shed

Your she shed should be the space of your dreams, so be sure to make it personal and special. It should be a place where you love to spend time, where you can express yourself, relax, have fun and do what brings you joy. Here are a few tips for making a unique she shed.

Make It Cozy and Inviting

Your she shed should be a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Make it a cozy space by adding a comfortable couch or daybed, floor pillows, throws and soft lighting. 

If you plan to meditate or take naps, you’ll need a serene color scheme and blackout curtains to set the mood. 

Add some plants and family photos to make it feel like home. Keeping slippers, a robe and a good book in the shed will also help the space feel cozy.

Veg Out with Have Snacks and Drinks

If you plan to binge-watch TV shows or movies either alone or with friends, you’ll want to have food and beverages handy. Add a mini fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker and non-perishable pantry items so you don’t have to bring items from your house. If the space allows plumbing, a wet bar and a hot plate are also great additions.

No matter how you plan to use your she shed, a drink and a snack are always welcome. You wouldn’t want to be without water if you’re doing yoga or working out, and writing or doing crafts requires coffee! If your she shed doubles as an entertainment space, a bar equipped with wine glasses, mixers and a variety of spirits would be perfect!

Fill It with Items that Bring You Joy

Your she shed should be your personal retreat—a place where you can be yourself, recharge and relax. Take inspiration from your partner’s man cave; what types of things does he keep there? 

Similarly, you’ll want to fill your own space with things that bring you joy.

Your she shed is the perfect place to display your collection of coffee mugs, store your art supplies or anything else that might not belong in your shared spaces. 

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme to fit your personality is key to creating a one-of-a-kind she shed. Love the beach but you’re landlocked? Bring the coast to you with beachy accents, beautiful shades of blue, and other decor that reminds you of the ocean. 

Other theme ideas include a vintage shed with decor from your favorite decade (groovy ‘70s, roaring twenties), a chic cottage, a glamorous speakeasy with a bar or a cozy craft bungalow with your art supplies. 

Add Landscaping Around the She Shed

To make the she shed more inviting, consider adding some visual interest on the exterior. Plant some shrubs and flowers along the perimeter of the shed, add a lighted pathway, or incorporate a water feature like a pond or a fountain. 

Window boxes on the shed with colorful flowers or greenery, plus a seasonal wreath on the door, are also nice touches. You could also consider adding a swing on a nearby tree to complete the look. 

A Place to Call Your Own

Having a dedicated space to relax and enjoy your hobbies is crucial to living a healthy, balanced life. The demands of juggling motherhood, a career and household responsibilities can be overwhelming. 

Whether you choose to use the she shed as your office, a workout or yoga studio, an arts and crafts space, a party venue or any combination of these purposes, the important thing is that the space is your own.