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3 Hot Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2021


Article by Karen Mills

Photography by 29Pixel Studios, LLC and homeowner

As homeowners spend more time at home, requirements for work spaces like the bathroom are evolving to accommodate their needs and desires whether it's for a home spa, luxury living, or just a place to unwind. Read on to learn 3 hot bathroom trends now.

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  1. Zero Entry (or curb less) oversized glass showers continue to rise in popularity because they visually expand size of your bathroom, while also providing a more universal space that's safer and more usable whether you're recovering from surgery or are aging in place like shown here. Glass shelves keep the shower looking more spacious while natural elements on the walls and floor add to the calming vibe.

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2. Bold contemporary chandeliers not only make a grand statement in your bathroom renovation but they also can update your look by bringing in an unexpected element whether its a more artistic piece or modern like shown here. A simple tub, glass shower walls, and light blue walls enhance the spa feel while keeping the space feeling airy and light.

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3. Marble Tiles never go out of style, bringing a timeless appeal to your bathroom that will last for years whether its a classic gray and white or more contemporary color like this accent wall shown here. Adjustable shower heads also provide a timeless appeal because of their adaptability in use.