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Safe Fun with the Family at the KC Zoo!


Article by Christian Sardis

Photography by Christian Sardis

The Kansas City Zoo has always been something I have looked forward to as a kid growing up in Kansas City. Since being a parent I try to make it a point to visit at least every year while the kids are out of school. But with the recent changes in the world and this crazy pandemic, it has made us all a little more health conscious, especially us parents.

Thankfully the Kansas City Zoo has done a pretty great job of creating a safe space for families that still want to take a moment away from home to enjoy all that the zoo has to offer. Since the outbreak in Kansas City the zoo has worked its best to create a safe environment that requires all its patrons to adhere to national social distancing guidelines as well as state and city mandates which made my family feel the most comfortable.

As you walk in there are signs carefully and strategically placed to remind visitors that masks are required at all times during all rides, transports, and all indoor attractions ( that are open). Although there were quite a few attractions that are currently not open, due to social distancing requirement the zoo has created QR codes that you can easily scan and learn more about the animals that you may have missed during these strange times.

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One of our favorite attractions at the zoo this time was the Elephant Expedition. Placed right before you walk into the Africa side of the zoo, the exhibit is filled with waterfalls and African scenery that really makes you feel like you've been transported into another country. We were able to see about 5 African Elephants up close and were even able to get a couple of photos with them, from a distance of course. This exhibit is one you absolutely have to visit when you make your trip to the zoo with your family.

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After visiting the elephants, our little ones were ready for a snack.

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Thankfully, the zoo allows for snacks to be brought in, so we already had bottles of water at the ready. The kids enjoyed some Dippin' Dots while hubby and I split a funnel cake while being safely distanced from other visitors. It was really great to see that many of the visitors were observant of social distancing which made seating and comfort easier to achieve. One of the best things about the zoo and it's safety measures is that they have adjusted all of their transports to have safety barriers, alternate seating for those riding and, cleaning before each new rider boards the transport. Although this did lead to a little of a line back up, I think it's safe to say that many would rather wait and know that we are commuting safely that to commute quickly, especially when you are leisurely spending time with your family on a weekend outing.

Overall I believe that our family had a great time and we are looking forward to visiting again soon! If you are interested in visiting, please be sure to visit the website  and select a time that works best for your family. This allows for the zoo to continuously practice safety measures.