Tuff markets require Patience!


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Article by Tom Shaw

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The market today does present several barriers to success, however; with the right REALTOR to serve you throughout your real estate process you can successfully make a purchase or a sell. The current buyers in this market have to patient. if your a couple and you working with an agent that agent should be having the conversation with you about the patience needed to win a bid in a competitive market. buyers need to be patient with each other and the agent, as well as the sellers agent. These are and can be high stress situations and my best advice is to remain calm and allow your agent to manage the process removing the stress from you as much as possible. Sellers, you should also remain calm and patient as the market changes and properties are on the market for longer periods, you must be patient. For sellers you must realize there are two things that sell a property, Price and exposure! If one or both of those items are not correct the home will take longer to sell even in this competitive market. Allow your REALTOR to give you real advice regarding the price and exposure. in both cases as a buyer or seller you have hired a REALTOR for the expertise they bring to the table. SO USE THEM FOR THAT!

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