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Best At-Home Workouts


Article by Ali Jauregui

Photography by Ali Jauregui

For the past month, I have been doing some workouts from home along with running and hiking outdoors, so I wanted to share the best at-home workouts that I have found. I've never been the biggest gym junkie, but I did go to Orangetheory Fitness about three to four times a week, so I am certainly missing the gym these days. These workouts from home have been helping me keep in shape during these times.

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Orangetheory Fitness Workout from Home

Orangetheory actually does their own workouts from home that they started about a month ago. I've done a few of their workouts and they are really great. Super easy to use without equipment and you just need some household items, or no weights at all. My own studio has been doing some Instagram live workouts as well. All free for anyone!

Sydney Cummings

I have been loving her workouts! They are on YouTube and she posts a new one daily. I've been going through all the old ones though and choosing which one I feel like doing for the day. She has all different kinds from 30, 40, 50, 60 minute HIT workouts to strength and cardio ones too. You can use weights if you have them or do the workouts without weights. Free for everyone too. 

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Apple Music

Okay, so not a workout from home, but I wanted to share. I have been loving Apple Music lately when I go on runs outside. They have some preset playlists that make it so easy to find a playlist that you'll enjoy! It's $10 a month, but totally worth it. You can also download any song and create your own playlist as well.

Well I hope you are still staying active during these trying times. It's certainly been helping me stay sane and also keep from gaining 20lbs from being home ha. Let me know if you have any workouts from home I should try too!

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