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Article by Evgeniya Fedotova

Photography by Evgeniya Fedotova

We always get many great reviews for our silk robes and pajama sets. They are very feminine, playful, yet luxurious. The reason for this is not only in the design but also in the quality and properties of the fabric. We are very proud of our Italian silk fabric. Check out below why silk is an excellent fabric for summer sleepwear.

💙 Silk is so soft and smooth! It is so lightweight that you don’t feel it on your skin.

💙 It is hypoallergenic. Silk has natural antibacterial properties and does not irritate most sensitive skin.

💙 Silk is thermoregulating. This means you will be cool on a hot night and warm on a cold!

💙 It is breathable. Say hello to beautiful and hydrated skin!

If you still sleep in your old cotton T-shirt, it is time to make a switch! 

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