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Article by Valerie Grimes

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AND THAT IS GOOD, because that means with hypnosis sessions you can fix it.

That old adage "It's All In Your Head" has a derogatory meaning but it is rather GOOD NEWS. When you stop and consider why that comment is often made in response to someone talking about a problem they are having it is perplexing. Of course it is in your head, where else would an idea, thought, feeling or habit be?

With hypnosis sessions you can connect to that thing that is in your head and transform it or strengthen it depending on what your desire is.

Speaking of your desire. 

It is all about what you desire. It is more about how you feel about something than what you think about that thing. So what is in your head? Worry, fear, thinking you are not good enough (for who?), or are you focused on how much money is or isn't in your bank account? All of these things are in your head. You may not like them, but they are there and they have become through repetition the dominate thought. So, if it is dominate then that implies it wasn't at some point.

All counter-productive, negative thought was once just a fleeting thought, or it could have been, but there was a lot of emotion around it you see and that emotion is what built that strong foundation of the feeling of fear or worry or whatever else that isn’t working for you now.

Through hypnosis you can implant new, powerful and good feeling thoughts and ideas which through their energy and repetition become the new response. The new dominate response.

Law of Attraction

If you have heard of Law of Attraction then you understand that your energy or vibration is your attraction point and like many clients I have worked with the past 20 years have said they try and try but they find it hard to keep that positive vibration. And I agree, it seems as though our primitive minds are set up to think the worst first, then hope for something better. 

Does hypnosis help make the law of attraction easier to achieve?

Followers of Law of Attraction will tell you it just works whether you know it or not. Like energy attracts like energy and so it is already easy. What is difficult for people is to be able to find a more positive mindset and to maintain that mindset. To answer the question does hypnosis help make law of attraction easier, it would be No, it is already easy. But hypnosis quickly and easily helps a person to connect with their best self within that is positive and is receptive to new concepts of abundance and health and joy in life. Things that are foreign to the ego self.

Hypnosis is a state of mind that connects a person within to their subconscious mind and its vast knowledge, wisdom and ability. When a person is relaxed mind and body they are receptive to new concepts and if worded properly with the adequate depth of trance new concepts turn into new thoughts, new feelings and then new responses. As a point of reference, worry is a negative form hypnosis. 

If you are ready to get what is in your head transformed into something product, positive and purposeful and have been unsuccessful so far, then hypnosis might be a great alternative. 

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