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Taqueria Cinco—Let's Taco 'Bout Tuesdays


Article by Meagan Eddy

Photography by Meagan Eddy

When people think Tuesday their mind automatically goes to tacos. There are a lot of places around town that offer delicious deals, but I have really stumbled across one that stands above the rest! 

At Taqueria Cinco they have created a concept that focuses on their vibrant 5 Points neighborhood. They draw from their casual surroundings to create a welcoming and inclusive family vibe. They have created the perfect neighborhood taco joint that focuses on seasonal and local items. Their seasonal menu is inspired by local fresh ingredients and you can absolutely tell that their tacos are made with 100% whole kernel corn masa... the freshness and flavor is undeniable. 

Now for the inside scoop...They have a deal you can't pass up. On Tuesdays they offer select tacos for $2 and $2 cans of Modelo. This is only made better by their adorable patio out back and high quality of food. Their full menu is utterly delicious if you want to branch away from the $2 menu items. When you enter you will see a specials board. When I went they were offering a Watermelon Margarita! Wow- was it refreshing!

The food was just as inspired as their margaritas. When I visited for the 1st time I got the $2 mushroom taco, a chorizo, and a ribeye taco. The chorizo and ribeye were not on special but worth the few extra dollars in my opinion. However- the real hidden gem was the chicken and cheese quesadillas... so cheesy and flavorful and kind of resembling a baked taco because they use their house made corn shells. I went again the next week (because it was just that good) and I got 1 of each of the $2 tacos. This week they offered a chicken, a pork, and a cactus and goat cheese taco!

Whenever you go it is safe to say it will be a quality experience. We always seem to chow down and enjoyed lots of laughs out back on their cute little patio. I highly suggest making your way to them as soon as you can. Their seasonal menu is one you can't pass up. 

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