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Making Dream Homes a Reality


Article by Boise Lifestyle

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Judith Balis was raised here in Boise and reminisces, “I remember when that used to be a field," about places we all know today as a subdivision or shopping center. Boise has grown exponentially these last few years, but one area that is ever increasing demand, is in home furnishings offerings. As a designer here for over 15 years, Balis struggled to source beautiful and unique home furnishing options for her clients without having to travel to larger cities, so she decided to take matters into my own hands, and open her own stores! 

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In 2018 Ballis took a leap of faith and opened her first store, Feather & Twine Home, a sweet little shop that sells unique and affordable home goods from all over the world. "That sweet little shop still owns my heart, as all first loves do" Ballis states… But, she also came to realize that the need for something even greater where she could further express her vision and love of all things beautiful and unique to the next level.

In March 2021, Ballis signed the lease for Bungalow Home Furnishings and slowly built on the dream for a better way for folks to create their dream homes into a reality. 

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Left: Feather and Twine Home, a curated collection of gifts and home decor

Right: Bungalow Home Furnishings, A new kind of furniture shop serving the Boise area


When hiring her staff, Ballis has created a team of people that share her same passion and vision for being “helpers”. Balis proudly proclaims, "I get filled with so much pride when I watch them interacting with our customers with their full hearts. They are kind, smart, talented, and here to help you any way we can. We are family here, and we cannot wait to welcome you in!"

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