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5 Bright Ways to Add Flair

Henry Home Interiors' Says These Light Fixtures Are Worth the Investment

  1. Delicate glass flowers are woven together in this intricately detailed fixture, lending a whimsical and feminine air to any space! Seen in Henry Homes Interiors’ Lavender Haze teen room in the 2003 Oklahoma Symphony Show House.
  2. A massive, angula luminaire, formed from wrought iron sheets of perforated metal in an antique gold leaf finish. Evokes power, strength and masculine energy.
  3. Mimicking the Century plant of the American desert with 22 lights surrounded by faceted crystals, this gilded chandelier gives a glam edge to the Agave plant. Henry Home Interiors friend, designer and client, Sheri Simon, chose to go BIG with two above her dining room table. 
  4. A wrought iron frame of concentric circles in a gold leaf finish adorns the ceiling of Henry Home Interiors’ Barbie sitting room in the 2022 Oklahoma Symphony Show House.
  5. A truly one-of-a-kind option to grace your one-of-a-kind home! Each chandelier is crafted from saddle oyster shells that are hand-placed in florets, each organically unique.

Photography by Shevaun Williams (1 & 4) and Carly C Walling Photography (2, 3, & 5)

Visit or their 10,000-square-foot showroom in Brookhaven Village in Norman to see more!

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