5 Gifts You Need to Give Your Family

1. Financial Stability –You want to give your family everything they want, but your job is to help them decide what they really need, and what level of debt is acceptable after you cover the basics. Knowing that you won’t run out of money at the end of the month makes life so much easier, not to mention the relief you'll feel when your kids adopt this discipline.

2. Savings Plan – A solid savings plan covers not just your "daily bread" but also what you'll need for family investments like college, a home, retirement or whatever is important to you. All of us can make goals; my role is to help you get what you want.   

3. Protect Your Plan Through Hard Times and the Inevitable – What If you live too long or die too early, or get sick and can't work in between? If investment property is a part of your plan, is it protected against loss or the injury of anyone who helps maintain it? There’s no “one size fits all” umbrella, just a menu of solutions to protect against the greatest threats to accomplishing your goals.

4. Create Wealth for the Future – I like to say that money’s best friend is time, but its second-best buddy is legal support! Legal instruments like a will, power of attorney and advanced medical directive are the basics to ensure your legacy plays out just as you wish. Because life insurance proceeds are generally tax-free, they can play a huge role in both creating wealth and assuring your legacy.  

5. Have knowledgeable advisers “on call,” and bring them alongside you and your family as you navigate big decisions. Knowing you can rely on your financial adviser builds everyone's confidence in your plan and gives you confidence to feel good about spending on things that make your life enjoyable. Trust, like wealth, takes time to build. Start today, and 2020 can be the first of many great years to come!

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