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Questions to Ask Yourself While There's Still Time to Get Back on Track

February is a unique month. Its day's number is 28; unless it's a leap year, February boasts a 29th day. February is a month of love, with Valentine's day falling on the 14th. The month serves as a hump day of sorts as a turning point in winter, depending on our excellent friend Punxsutawney Phil the Ground Hog. Whether Phil sees his shadow or not, we know spring is not far off. 

Where we start January with a resolution to be a better self in the coming year, February, with its shortened days, flies by. Before we know it, March is almost upon us. And that January resolution, that goal to be a better self, to be better with our finances or investing, to spend more time doing that one thing you resolved to do, has almost been forgotten. 

March is the second busiest gym month of the year. Because of the warmer weather, the better beach body resolution made in January is remembered.

But let's stop here and go back to February. If you are reading this during the month this magazine was published, then it's February still. The month has yet to pass you by. You still have time to get back on track with your goals from last month. 

Where are you at with achieving your goals for the year? You're in the second month of the year; how often have you checked in on your progress? Are you on track? What adjustments do you need to make to reach your year-end goals? What will you do this month to keep moving forward to achieve or maintain your New Year's resolutions?

The quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself. I have given you roughly five questions to get you started. It would help if you asked yourself some questions concerning your goals/resolutions.

What question can you ask yourself that can make a difference in your life? For example, with Valentine's Day coming up, what can you do to show your significant other how much you care about them? What deed or gift goes beyond a day that tells your significant other how deep your love is?  

Unfortunately, too many people ask themselves negative questions and give themselves negative answers. Such as, why am I not good enough? Why didn't this go right for me? Why am I never the one chosen? How come I didn't get (blank)?

Your quality of life is not only a result of the questions you ask but also how you answer the questions. If you are off on your health goals, ask yourself what you will do this month that will move you closer to reaching your goal.

If you inadvertently self-talk yourself with a negative question, hit back with a positive answer such as, “Why am I never the one picked?” Then answer yourself with, “Because something better is waiting for me!” Quickly follow it up with, “Now, what will I do to be sure I am ready when I am picked?”

Need help with some better questions? Email me at Peter@Levinsonteam.com. Here's to you and a better year!

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