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5 Shocking Things About Your House


Article by Andi Telker

Photography by Stock Images

1. The squeaks in your floors have little to do with their age

This one might surprise you. Did you know that squeaky floors have more to do with the temperature and humidity changes in your home? Wood is porous and can expand and contract. During the wintertime, wood flooring tends to contract. In the summer, it often expands. If your home's relative humidity isn't between 35 and 55 percent, you're more likely to hear creaks. And yes, squeaks can also be due to a lack of nails in the subfloor. It’s best to try to fix the squeaks when installing new carpet/flooring. We call this game "chase the squeaks!"

2. Under sink storage

Did you know that the original cabinet makers didn’t expect people to use the cabinet space under the sink for storage? They left it open, for easier plumbing access. But why not kill two birds with one stone and use the space for storage too! (hello, cleaning supplies and other random things) What do you have under your kitchen sink?

3. Why roofs are pitched

This one might seem obvious once you think about it. The pitch of your roof is determined by climate your house is in – and more specifically how much rain and snow your house receives. That is why a gable roof works a million times better where there are lots of snowy months. Snow is so incredibly heavy, no one wants it sitting for too long. Not to mention when the snow melts and turns to water, it can flow right off, rather than sit and slowly trickle away. 

4. The space under your cabinets by the floor

I assume by now you have realized that your kitchen cabinets are lifted and set back off the floor a bit. Did you know that this isn’t just for cosmetic reasons? And it has its own name, called a toe kick. The goal of it is to allow you to stand closer to the counter when you’re working in the kitchen. How many of you went to look and see what I was talking about? Or should I ask, how many of you realized not all your cabinets have that and jammed your toes right into them?

5. Brass door knobs

I imagine that some of you have toured a home or been in one that has its original brass door knobs. And heck, in some situations they might even be making a come back. But did you know that brass door knobs disinfect themselves in eight hours? It's called the oligodynamic effect, and it's the result of metal ions in brass and copper having a toxic effect on molds, spores, viruses, and other living cells. (Thanks for the help, Google.) So for some of you that haven’t taken the time to update your door handles, be sure to inform those of their magical powers.

Did you learn anything new? Thanks for reading!

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