5 Tips for Embracing Personal Style & Ageless Elegance

The Contour Day Spa’s Lori Bailey on Living & Looking Your Best

Editor’s Note: Lori Bailey is Co-Founder of Venice’s Contour Day Spa (thecontourdayspa.com) with her husband Dave, and serves as Contour’s Spa Director. She is a registered nurse, a mother of four, a business owner, and a great example of how to become your own style icon by embracing an attitude of ease, openness and confidence. 

When it comes to personal style, it's not about the clothes you wear, but rather the attitude you embody. It’s not about looking like a model – it’s about doing whatever makes you feel happy, self-assured and fulfilled. I’m turning 60 next year, and I’m more confident now than I’ve ever been. I’ve learned a lot of style lessons along the way and want to share them with you. 

1-    Take time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to do things for yourself. When my children were little – and for many years we had four kids in the house – I still did my makeup every day. I went into the bathroom and took one half hour for myself because It made me feel better. Whatever you do for you: meditate, listen to a podcast, give yourself permission and time to do it. Take care of yourself!

2-    Don’t let anyone tell you who you should be, or how you should or shouldn’t look. Sometimes I buy an outfit, and my husband says, ‘That’s not my favorite.’ But I like it. I buy what I like. For example, I bought this particular outfit for a cruise. It’s a pair of pants, but the backside has a skirt attached. I loved it! When I wore it on the cruise, I got so many compliments.

3-    Step out of your comfort zone. If you find yourself thinking, ‘I could never wear that,’ take a moment to question why you feel that way. Trying something new may feel uncomfortable at first, but it will also help evolve your personal style. For me, with clothing, I feel like I’m playing ‘dress up.’ There’s nothing I’m uncomfortable trying on. You won’t know if you don’t try. For example, when my daughter got married, she said she didn’t want to wear a ball gown. I told her, ‘You don’t have to, but at least try it on to see how it looks. Guess what she wore for her wedding…?

4-    See yourself with kinder eyes. I’m a spa owner. We have beautiful women come in who stand in front of a mirror and criticize their bodies. Things they focus on but no one else would notice or see as a flaw. So, it’s all relative. Everyone has something, even the most (seemingly) put together person. 

5-    Love what you wear, wear what you love. Style and fashion are really about finding what makes you happy and what makes you feel like yourself. For me, things are pretty black and white. I either love it or I don’t. If I love it, even if I see it on someone that’s 20 years old, I want to at least try it on. (And if you know me, it probably sparkles!)

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