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5 Ways to Create Your Dream Home 

Since 1995, LBJ Construction has been remodeling, renovating, and building custom home projects, both large and small. 

Article by River Oaks Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Courtesy of LBJ Construction

Originally published in River Oaks Lifestyle

Remodeling or renovating your home can have a tremendous impact on your life because your home is your sanctuary. LBJ Construction believes that renovating your home is not just a financial investment but a quality-of-life investment, as well. In business for nearly three decades, LBJ Construction has built its business on referrals by going the extra mile for their clients. The experts at LBJ Construction sat down with us to share five of their most popular remodeling projects to upgrade your home and lifestyle. 

Kitchen Remodel

If your current kitchen needs an update or additional functionality to its current layout, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. Open-concept floor plans, endless prep space, and tons of storage are just some of the countless ways to add utility and beauty to your room. 

Bathroom Remodel

Turn your current bathroom into a luxurious spa-like oasis. Additional storage and oversized walk-in showers are the most popular current renovations. 

Laundry Room Renovation

The laundry room is a high-traffic area that usually needs an upgrade, but it is often one of the last rooms to be remodeled because it is constantly in use. From adding additional storage to built-in hidden drying racks and ironing boards - no matter how small this space is, it has the potential to be maximized. Not only will this increase your home value, but it will also boost your quality of life. 

Outdoor Kitchen Addition 

Outdoor living spaces and outdoor kitchens are a popular remodel. Houstonians choose to transform their backyard into a space for the whole family to enjoy. Adding a covered outdoor kitchen and living space can help homeowners utilize their backyard’s usable space to enjoy the over 300 days of sunny warm weather Houston gets each year.

Recreational Space

From craft rooms to at-home gyms, office spaces, saunas, and even recording studios, LBJ Construction helps Houston homeowners create the perfect space for their homes. Recreational areas increase home values and add to owners’ enjoyment and use of their homes. 

LBJ Construction makes it easy and convenient to quickly schedule a handyman repair or service. Their free Handyman App is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Download their free app and plan your next service. @LBJHandyman