5 Ways To Help Birds

Birds have many symbolic meanings in the spring season, representing renewal, rebirth, and the return of life after a long winter. Beginning with fertility and renewal, the arrival and reappearance of migratory birds signifies hope and the start of a new cycle. In many cultures, birds are spiritual messengers that represent the divine. Birds also are a symbol of freedom and independence: they have ability to soar through to great heights and yet many return to their natural habitats, symbolizing the freedom to fly and the choice to return to home.
- Virginia Maldonado

1. Keep Cats Indoors

It’s estimated that, in the US alone, outdoor cats kill approximately 2.4 billion birds annually. Keep Fluffy indoors. She’ll live a longer, healthier life - and so will birds! 

2. Use Decals to Stop Window Strikes

Up to one billion birds die in the US each year by crashing into windows they can’t see. Make large windows more visible by placing decals on them. 

3. Be Lazy About Your Lawn

Perfect grass and sprawling lawns deprive birds of food and nesting areas. Turn your yard into a wildlife sanctuary by keeping a smaller lawn with native plants, bushes, trees, and leaf litter around it.

4. Say No to Pesticides & Herbicides

Grubs, insects, and native weeds are all essential to our food web. Poisoning any part of this web disrupts the entire cycle, not only for birds, but for other animals and humans, too. 

5. When It’s Night, Turn Off the Light

Light pollution confuses migrating birds, making their difficult journey downright treacherous. Use motion-sensor lights outside. If you must keep an outdoor light on all night, cap it so the glow goes down, not up.

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