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Article by Jessica Caver Lindholm

Photography by Jessica Caver Lindholm

What if rather than life being a struggle or something to constantly overcome, was actually just always presenting us with options and opportunities that we could say yes or no to?

But, most of us are unaware that life could be so simple, so joyful and so free so we unconsciously end up saying no to what we really desire and then wonder why life isn’t going the way we wish it would.

This more relaxed approach to life has completely set me free.

It has helped me discover real peace throughout everything that’s been going on this year, with the belief that everything is indeed always happening for me and not to me.

This shift in belief continually puts me back in my power and helps me focus on what I can control and stop worrying about what I can’t.

So what do you do from here?

For me, I believe that our real soul desires are our divine gps system, guiding us on our path of life. So the first step I always recommend my clients take is getting clear on what they truly desire from life and each area that’s most important to them from body to work, relationships to money.

I believe we have so much more power than we’ve even begun to realize, but we spend so much of our power repeating our past and worrying about our future to the point that we have very little energy leftover to create something new within the beautiful, infinite now.

What if you stopped thinking about the past or the future for just a moment from a space of fear and instead used that energy to be fully in the present right now?

To take a look around and notice where you would like things to change in your life and instead of turning them into worry you gave yourself permission to consider how you would like these areas to be instead.

Simply put, you allowed yourself to get clear on your true desires.

And what if from here you didn’t go into the old habit of worrying about how to make the changes happen, but instead you simply decided that they just get to happen. In the same way that you’ve made many decisions in your life, big and small. 

You decide to order a sandwich at a restaurant and you don’t worry about how the sandwich will be prepared, if it's done correctly or if it will actually happen at all. The order has been placed, the decision is made and it’s done. And you now get to simply relax, get on with living your life as it’s prepared for you and it will be delivered when it’s delivered, without drama or fear on your part.

What if this is what every decision to have what you want in life could feel like?

I’m not saying be passive in your life, in the same way that you’re still the one choosing which sandwich you want to order and where you went for lunch in the first place, you’re also the one deciding what you want to have, be and do in your life.

The big difference is that you’re no longer putting fear or worry into having what you really desire.

Can you imagine if you no longer put worry or fear into creating a life you truly loved but approached it simply as making the decision that this is how your life now gets to be and then show up with complete confidence and certainty knowing it will be done?

“How?” You ask.

If you were completely certain that everything was always working out for you and you knew you could have anything you desire just by deciding it got to be that way, think about the way you would start showing up in life.

You would walk around feeling joyful, at peace, confident. You would ask for what you desire unapologetically. Relatively quickly people would notice that something is different about you. You would take action in your life with more certainty and knowing -- applying for the new job, starting the new business, going on dates feeling positive and like the best version of you.

And what do you think would happen if you approached life in this way? It would open up for you in ways you haven’t even begun to consider yet.

At the core of my life it’s these practices that took me from being just a normal girl from a very rural eastern Colorado farming and ranching community to being the founder of a successful, global, soul led company who now gets to write and speak daily on how to create a life that you too are wildly obsessed with.

And at the center of this work is my belief that we already have all the tools we need to be the happiest, freest, most successful and fully expressed version of ourselves.

Why is this work so important to me? Because I believe that if we all learned how to live our life in this way that we will positively change the planet and who knows, maybe even create world peace.

I’ve never been afraid of dreaming too big and I won’t stop now.

And I hope you join me.

To Living Free,


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