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Color Your Own Treefort Tee 


Article by Shasta Ockerberg

Photography by Shasta Ockerberg

Treefort 2021, Boise Idaho— Treefort has something for everyone, and every member of the family can enjoy it. While adults have Alefort and blooming teens have Hackfort and Filmfare, there's a special place for the youngest members to enjoy this annual Boise festival: Kidfort.

At Kidfort, parents could purchase a T-shirt for their children, and fabric markers were available for kids to decorate to their limitless imaginations.

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A child showing a decorated shirt. Photo: Shasta Ockerberg.

There was also a large plywood board that kids could draw and paint over. Lots of children swiped paintbrushes across the wood and smeared vibrant colors into the divets of its surface. Layers of the kids' creations dried and disappeared behind fresh designs from the passing kids.

In the background, upbeat, happy children songs were being played by Kidfort's current guest. With the colorful work of the kids and their pulsing energy from dancing to the music, Kidfort would be a lifelong memory that lives in the hearts of Boise children forever.

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Children painting a plywood board. Photo: Shasta Ockerberg.

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