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 7 Simple Stress Management Tips


Article by Susan Ginsberg

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Stress. Like it or not, its always a part of our lives and we can't eliminate it. What we can do, however, is change the way that we react to it. Think about your own relationship with stress and how you choose to manage it. These tips are my favorite ways to cope with that six-letter word we all have to make peace with in our lives.

1. Breathe Deeply

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Belly breathing is one of the fastest ways to calm yourself down in the face of stress. Inflate the belly slowly as if expanding a balloon inside of it. Slow down your exhalation as you deflate this “balloon.” Click Healthy Breathing to learn how to do this or listen to the 1-Minute Breath Guidance on YouTube or below:

2. Get Movin'!

Walk, dance, hike, swim, run, bike, do yoga… just get moving. Exercise has been proven to increase endorphins and people who exercise benefit greatly from a more positive mood and lower rate of depression.

3.Collect a Good Tribe

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Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Distance yourself from individuals who drain your energy and feel obligatory in nature. Remember: 'Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe' so pay attention to the energy you are putting out there in the universe, as well.

4. Find Your Passion

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Think about the talents or gifts you have that can enhance your own life or someone else's life. Love dogs? Volunteer in an animal shelter or help them plan a fundraiser. Love to sing or dance? Sign up for voice or dance classes. Have an artistic flair? Buy some art supplies and start creating.

5. Laugh a Little… or A LOT!

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Read a funny book or watch your favorite sitcom or comedy. Take up laughter yoga (yes, it's a thing!) Not only is laughing enjoyable, but it also has aerobic benefits. When we laugh, we release stress-relieving hormones and balance our immune system.

6. Tea Over Coffee

I know. This is a tough one for many that wake up and crave the smell and taste of a hot cup of joe. Consider switching to green tea. Another option is matcha tea. Though matcha does have caffeine, unlike coffee, your body metabolizes it differently and prevents adrenaline and insulin spikes. This also eliminates the jitters or the dreaded mid-afternoon caffeine crash. In addition, matcha tea is loaded with antioxidants and L-theanine, an amino acid that induces a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Did I mention that it's super fun to make?

7. Meditation Apps

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If it's difficult for you to meditate on your own, try one of the free meditation apps that are out there and super easy to use. My Deep Relaxation Series of guided breathing, relaxations, and meditations can be found on one of my favorite apps—Insight Timer. Other great apps to try are Calm and Headspace.

When faced with stress, let these healthy and fun suggestions equip you and help you find the joy in your life to overcome the more challenging moments.

Health and wellness is such a broad field. I would love to know what my readers are the most interested in seeing each week. Please drop me a line telling me what interests you most. Fitness? Food? Meditation? Essential oils? Preventative health? Let me know what you would find compelling to learn about.

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