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Our Guide to Schools in Phoenix


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When you move our family out west to Phoenix AZ, there is more than just the weather to look forward to.

With many families claiming the city as their new home for the last couple of decades, a variety of school options have developed. One of the first questions that interested movers ask when coming to the area is how the schools are and what kind of education options are available for students in the city.

Below are the different school options found throughout Phoenix and the types of schools that you can offer to your child for their best education. 

Phoenix Public Schools

The public school system in Phoenix is home to over 300 education facilities. Classes at the elementary, middle, and high school levels are available for students.

Based upon their attendance zone and the district they are in, Phoenix students do not all attend the same schools or in the same district. 

School Districts in the Capital City of Arizona

With Phoenix being such a large city, there are approximately 30 school districts found throughout the city. The students are assigned to a school district based upon their neighborhood and where they live. School districts are able to use and share resources among their facilities, which is why it is important to note the difference in the difference.

Depending on the neighborhoods and funding, some of these districts are not as well-funded as others, limiting their options and offerings for sports and classes. 

High Schools for Freshman through Seniors

In each of these districts, there is at least one high school available for the students within that district. More populated districts may have more than one high school to meet the demand of students in that area.

Some of the most recognized high schools throughout Phoenix include Arcadia High School, Central High School, and North High School, where some of the city’s oldest districts are. 

A Guide to Middle Schools

The school districts in Phoenix put a lot of emphasis on maintaining quality middle schools for their students, also.

They understand that this is a critical time for these students, and they need a comfortable place to express themselves and their interests. Some of the more popular middle schools include Udall Middle School and Western Valley Middle School

Elementary Schools in the Phoenix Area

The schools where your children first start their school career begins in elementary schools. With each neighborhood having a local elementary school, students are spread out more over these years through 5th grade, allowing them to connect with their peers on a more personal level.

Some of the best elementary schools are Washington Elementary School and Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. They are currently in neighborhoods that are gaining popularity and attracting new families to the area. 

Private Schools

There are a few school options throughout Phoenix that are not a part of the public school system and not affiliated with any of the 30 districts throughout the city.

These schools offer alternative curriculum options that do not necessarily follow the public school system and give students a different learning environment. Be prepared, most private schools require full tuition up front, and before enrolling your student. 

Faith-based Christian Schools

Whether you are Catholic Christian or Protestant, there are Christian school options available for your children.

Many of the families moving to Phoenix are devout Catholics, so the growing need for Catholic Schools and education is on the rise in Phoenix. Other Christian schools are also available and put Christian teachings at the center of their curriculum and environment for each student who is enrolled in the school. 

Charter Schools in Secondary Education

Some of the schools in Phoenix are charter schools, where they have access to public funding, but they offer a different type of educational atmosphere for students who enroll in these areas.

Most of these schools are at the middle and high school level and give students the option to spend time working in a trade or learning how to adjust in a different environment.

Choosing Boarding Schools

With so much of Arizona being a rural area, access to quality and equal education at the public and private level is limited in some places.

This is why boarding schools in Phoenix are gaining traction for those who live outside of the city but want to offer their children different options that are not available for them at their current residence. These schools are private in nature and are often single-gender facilities as a part of their curriculum and environment to the families that they serve.

Summer School Options

If you are looking for education options to help your child get ahead in their students or just get extra help, some of these facilities in Phoenix offer summer schools when the regular school year is over.

During this time, classes are designed by subject and grade level to assist students with getting extra help or helping them get ahead in their education career so that they can pursue their college career faster.

Both public schools and private schools in Phoenix offer some form of summer school options to assist your children with their studies.

Are You Ready to Make the Leap to Phoenix?

If you have been on the fence about Phoenix and have some concerns when it comes to schools, know that you have lots of options available to you when you move to the area.

If you have a neighborhood preference that you want but the school district is top tier, then consider one of the charter or private options available for your children. Let this guide get you investigating and start making out a plan for your move and home search in Phoenix now.