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Acids for your skin


Article by Jennifer Buck

Photography by Jennifer Buck

Acids… Are they good for your skin? The answer is a clear YES!

 There are so many acids to choose from.  You may hear all the buzz words such as AHA, BHA, Lactic, Salicylic acid and Retinoic acid. They come in the form of serums, peels, creams and daily treatments     they are all safe for your skin but only if and when your skin needs it!

Today I’m going to dive into Mandelic acid. This falls into the Alpha Hydroxy Acid category (AHA). Its probably one of my favorite acids which is why I am starting this series with it.

Benefits include:

·        Increased skin cell turnover. Meaning it helps you to shed your skin faster like you did when you were younger. Babies shed their skin about every 10 days or so. As we age that number slows down. GenX your shedding at about once a month depending on your skins health and what skincare line you are using... Which yields to fine lines, texture, laxity, increased pore size.

·        It reduces redness I love to use this type of acid in the form of a peel for my clients with Rosacea (I like to add some lactic acid in with that… we will talk more about that in another blog post)

·        It is safe and effective for clients with acne because it does have antiseptic components to it but not my go to for acne. (salicylic is, but again we will dive into that on another blog post)

·        It reduces pigment and is great to use on first time peel clients because it is gentle and effective.

·        Stimulates collagen production  it is a gentle and effective way to help with the common signs of aging which include fine line and wrinkles.

** I think it is important to note that Mandelic acid is derived from Almonds and anyone allergic to almonds should not ever use a product or peel with Mandelic acid in it.

** Caution when using acids when you’re on antibiotics as this can increase your sensitivity to the sun and you may burn more easily. I would recommend not using them at all! But especially do not get a peel when on antibiotics.

Because I personally have Rosacea this is an acid that I love and recommend for my clients with Rosacea or are scared of aggressive peels and services. Anything used incorrectly or too often can sensitize your skin meaning make it red and inflamed long past the peel phase and taking that healthy barrier filled with oils and hydration your skin needs away. Make sure that you talk to your licensed Esthetician about your skin type and concerns along with being very honest about what medications your on and what allergies you have to make sure that you are on the right path to glowing skin! 


Jen your Glow Girl

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