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Article by McKenzie Joyner

Photography by McKenzie Joyner

Treefort 2021, Boise Idaho— Alefort, oh Alefort! I always look forward to Alefort because it gives such a great opportunity to try as many different breweries as possible. Allowing everyone to have something to choose with beers, ciders, sours, & wine being poured. This year I especially loved the specialty cocktails they were serving up. It was incredible to see the different ingredients being used in each cocktail.

I personally was introduced to a couple new liquors that I had never heard of. The variety was exciting to be introduced to and have the opportunity to try them all. I have some personal favorites to take home and try and recreate.

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Patrons at the Alefort cocktail showcase. Photo: McKenzie Joyner

Alefort was also serving up some incredible food options. Some were paired with the Oktoberfest offerings which made it fun to try things that maybe wouldn’t normally be served here. I gave the queso birria a try and it was the perfect combo of creamy, meaty, and spicy. I also was able to try the chicken schnitzel which wow! I was blown away by the buttery bun, crisp chicken and creamy slaw that they paired together. It also gave a nice kick of horseradish with every bite making you want to wash it all down with one of the refreshing drinks.

Video: McKenzie Joyner

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McKenzie Joyner, is a private chef, holistic nutritionist, and yogi, you can find her on Instagram @sproutingvitalityand FB @Sprouting-Vitality.