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Redefining Chronic Pain Treatment


Article by Jason Racca

Photography by Hope Gray

In America, over a third of people grapple with chronic illness and pain. This staggering statistic reveals a deep need for a more nuanced approach to health and wellness. At R3 Physio, we're stepping beyond the traditional 'wait and see' methodology prevalent in our healthcare system.

There are many factors that can lead to why someone may be experiencing chronic illness and chronic pain. Doesn't it make more sense to work to figure out what is contributing to the issues, and then work to solve them instead of staying "it is what it is at this point, let's see what happens and react then?"

Our focus at R3 Physio pivots towards a proactive, holistic approach. Recognizing that chronic pain isn't just a symptom to be masked, but a complex interplay of various bodily systems, we delve deeper into understanding each individual's unique health journey. Our expertise in "Non-traditional treatment" enables us to address issues from a more comprehensive standpoint.

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