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How To: Office Space 


Article by Tamara Day

Photography by Tamara Day

2020, right?! I’ve gotten so many questions about work from home spaces because most home offices weren’t prepared to be the full-time working spaces for so many of you. If you weren’t previously working from home or not often, you hadn’t really put your working space to the test for functionality, and many haven’t taken the time to make it an inspiring space. On top of that, you might also have kids learning from home in some capacity and need to create a dual-purpose workspace for both parents and kids. That’s a tall order!

I know at my house we have 4 kids, plus two working parents. Trying to figure out how we can all work at the same time has been a major struggle. But we’ve figured out ways to make it work and make it fun.

Here is a great example of a basic home office. It’s a great room but bare and lacking inspiration, with no functionality besides a desk surface.

Now take a look at a rendering of what this home office space could be!

The first thing I recommend to spruce up the space to feel a little bit more playful and whimsical is pattern and color! A lot of Zoom calls I’m on, I see these big blank white walls – that’s not very inspiring. Wallpaper is great for this. Find a really fun wallpaper like this dot pattern in shades of blue, that just wakes you up in the morning and makes you happy. It doesn’t take a ton to make an impact. Something fun on even one wall can create a space so you enjoy where you have to spend all this time. On the other walls, choose a complimenting color. For this dual-purpose home office space, we chose a bright yellow for the kids nook, and even went an extra step and painted the ceiling a subtle light blue.

Next, organization is so crucial to keep your space in check. With kids, you’ll no doubt have lots of crafting supplies – paper, pens, crayons, etc. and all your office supplies in addition. Shelving with baskets to stash away all the stuff are so handy. Use beautiful glassware or canisters to contain and beautifully display everyday things like writing utensils, pushpins or glue sticks. A super easy craft project with the kids is to make a holder for binders! It’s so simple – just a 1x1 and some dowel rods.

Art is another thing I always recommend for inspiration. Find what you love because art is so personal! If your kids have artwork they made at home or brought home from school, make them feel special by displaying it in acrylic panels on the wall. It elevates the look and is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Lighting is key for functionality of a space like a home office. You'll want plenty of overhead lighting, but also lamps or even wall sconces are another layer of lighting that will come in handy when you're sitting at the desk, or your kids are working in their space.

Lastly, I always include a small plant or some sort of botanical, and a candle! These elements truly breathe live into a room. You may be spending a significant amount of time in your home office, so surround yourself with things that keep you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Tell me what you think of this transformation and what elements you can incorporate into your home work space!

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