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Being the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is the most populous and the most culturally diverse. If you need to treat yourself to some massage, this city offers you a lot in terms of venues and specialists.

Getting the ultimate service to your massage may cost you an arm, but with an elaborate guide on where to find massage services, everything becomes easy for you. When scouting for massage services, your choices are definitely getting influenced by your current body condition, your expectations and the proximity of the services to your residence. 

A walk into a soothing hands massage spa in Philadelphia is one of the most refreshing and relaxing experiences one can ever get.

What Types Massage Options are you Likely to Find in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a hub for all the major types of massage you expect around. All the seven major types are available across different massage spas.

These types of massage services are Swedish massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, reflexology, shiatsu massage. Special massage is also available for people living with disability. At the same time, new services are penetrating into Philadelphia each day. 

Where Can you find the Perfect Couples Massage?

A couples massage gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy each other's company in a relaxing atmosphere. It provides you with quality bonding time and a therapeutic personal experience. 

Learn the Essential Benefits

A couples massage is a source of massive health benefits. It enables you to relieve stress as well as muscle tension, boosts your body immunity, regulates your blood pressure, relieves pain, improves blood circulation and terminates stiffness and soreness.

A couples massage also helps you to correct posture and increase your body flexibility. To some extent, this experience enhances your spiritual connection. 

Why Would you Need a Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage helps you to reduce your anxiety, acquire better sleep, decrease your back and leg pain during pregnancy.

It also reduces the amount of stress hormones known as norepinephrine. In addition, a pregnancy and prenatal massage helps to uplift your general mood through increased levels of dopamine release and lowering the levels of cortisol, which is a stress indicator.

What are the Safety Precautions for a Pregnancy Massage

Doctors and massage experts within Philadelphia and elsewhere recommend a few safety measures to be observed during the carrying out of a pregnancy massage. Your expert is supposed to avoid pressure points that are hands, wrists, pelvis and ankles.

Due to the high risk of blood clots that come up during pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid deep tissue massage in the legs.

Get to Know the Meaning of a Sports Massage

This is a type of a massage technique which is intended to treat soft tissues, pain and injuries which arise during your recreational activities. Sports massage therapy helps to lower your muscle stiffness and increase relaxation through lowering the levels of heart rate and blood pressure. A trained sports therapist identifies the frequency and types of your physical activities.

If you are an athlete, a sports massage therapist is going to help your body recover after strenuous training activities and athletic performances. Sports massage therapists in Philadelphia, works with professional sports figures and amateur college athletes.

What are the Requirements of a Sports Massage Therapist in Philadelphia?

If you aspire to become a professional sports massage therapist in the state of Philadelphia, you shall be required to meet the education and training requirements of the profession. This is possible through obtaining an associate degree in sports and rehabilitative therapy, physical therapy or sports medicine.

If you want to acquire exposure to high profile types of clients you need to obtain massage therapy training while taking part in a sports management undergraduate program.

You are going to need to be certified by a professional organization such as the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). You also need to acquire a license with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. If you want to broaden your career, you can do so by acquiring industry association membership with professional bodies like AMTA.

Are There Sports Massage Facilities in Philadelphia?

There are indeed amazing spots for sports massage therapies you are going to find within the city. A fine example is Remedy & Relief Therapeutic Massage which is located at 100 South Broad Street, Suite 715. This spa specializes in deep tissue, clinical, Swedish and sports massages.

What is the Purpose of a Lymphatic Massage?

This type of massage is a gentle service that encourages the low of lymph fluids within your body. This fluid is responsible for removing toxicity and waste substances from your bodily tissues.

Depending on the extent and location of your swelling, manual lymphatic drainage is carried out with some degree of regularity. This starts with about five days a week for approximately 3 to 8 weeks, then adjusted with a frequency determined by the manner of improvement.

Main Types of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A number of techniques are applied when performing a lymphatic massage.

Vodder Lymphatic Technique

Depending on the part of your body that is being treated, a variety of sweeping hand motions are deployed.

Foldi Lymphatic Technique

A massage expert applies circular hand motions which are distributed between moments of relaxation as an extension of the vodder technique.

Casley-Smith Lymphatic Technique

The expert also uses circular hand motions during this technique but makes them using the sides and palms of the hand. 

Leduc Lymphatic Massage Technique

Here, the expert uses hand motions to collect lymph, then directs its reabsorption into the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Services within Philadelphia

There are numerous spots that offer lymphatic massages within the city.

Perhaps the one you are going to find most appealing is Skincare Lounge Spa. This parlor is found within 1512 Sansom Street, Suite 300. It is best known for skincare and wax treatment services, but its other services such as reflexology, Himalayan salt stone and lymphatic drainage are very remarkable. 

Learn the Importance of a Full Body Massage Therapy

A full body massage is appropriate for your general bodily health, especially the heart. It increases your venous return through vasodilation thus increasing the blood flow and oxygen delivery to all your organs. This relaxes your cardiovascular system improving the blood circulation throughout your whole body.

In What Ways is a Full Body Beneficial to your Well-being?

A full body massage lowers the levels of harmful stress thus improving the functionality of your brain. It also increases the flexibility of your muscles, boosts your immune system, reduces pain and improves sleep.

What Foot Massage Therapy is all About

Also known as reflexology, foot massage therapy involves the application of certain amounts of pressure to your feet by specialists known as reflexologists. 

Foot massage improves your bodily blood circulation, increases the relaxation levels and lowers the levels of pain in your body. In addition it eliminates swelling, improves the health of your feet and boosts your overall mood while fighting depression.

Located at 110 South 20th Street, Spring Reflexology Center is among the best facilities you are going to find within the state of Philadelphia. 

Thai Massage Therapy

A Thai massage therapy works your whole body through a series of movements which resemble yogic stretching. A specialist shall use both their palms and fingers to exert pressure to your entire body. You are then twisted and stretched into different positions. It is advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothing during Thai type of massage. 

A Thai massage therapy comes with a fair share of benefits to your body.

Reduces your Negative Stress

Positive stress is not bad at all. It serves as a motivator for you and pushes you to perform better. On the other hand, high levels of stress may be detrimental to both your physical and mental health. A Thai massage is very effective in lowering the levels of negative stress and relaxing your body.

Boosts your Energy

A Thai massage increases your physical energy levels and reduces fatigue. The technique involved while conducting a Thai massage is based upon energy lines. 

Relieves your Headache Levels

The application of pressure to specific channels of energy via a Thai massage is a very effective mechanism for treating a person who suffers from chronic headaches. 

Stimulating your Blood Circulation

A Thai massage usually improves your blood circulation filling your body tissues with oxygen. This increases your amounts of cell generation thus improving the health of your heart. 

Where to Find the Best Thai Massages in Philadelphia

Thai massages are common in Philadelphia. If you want the best Thai messages, you may need to look no further than 1639 North Hancock Street, Suite 102. This spot is well known for sports, Thai, Swedish and myofascial release. 

Mobile Massages: Serving You Where You’re At

A mobile massage concept depicts a situation where a massage therapist visits you as a client to your preferred location. 

A warm and private room is ideal for a mobile massage. You may wish to set up relaxing music or light scent candles to generate a spa-like environment.

There are many mobile massages within Philadelphia city. Honorable mentions in this category include Soothe massage, Health & Hand Spa and In Touch Hair & Spa..

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