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How to Lose 20lbs Quickly


Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

I am going to call you out today… You think you lack motivation but actually you lack clarity! 

I want you to start thinking to yourself:

  • What do I need to do to actually get to my goal?
  • What is the system that is going to get me there? 

Instead of thinking in the way I described above, I find people say instead… “I want to lose 20lbs”. Then they only focus on that outcome based goal vs the process to actually get there!

Let’s talk about 2 examples:

  1. Client K- she wants to lose 20lbs
  2. Client P-also wants to lose 20lbs

Client K:

-constantly jumps from diet program to diet program because she is looking for that quick fix.

-never takes time to become aware of what she is doing "wrong" that is holding her back.

-extremely scale focused and lets that ruin her confidence

-beats herself up week to week when she doesn't follow "rules" that she set in her head perfectly.

Client P:

-Takes time to reflect on her current routine and what is NOT working. She becomes aware of what is holding her back.

-She starts to implement small wins in her life (for ex: meal planning her week) to build trust in herself which in return helps her motivation.

-She realizes that after just a couple weeks of meal planning she feels so much better energy wise and has a lot less stress (she has freed up the mental load that food choices used to take)

-She continues to pick 1 small win a week and keeps building those wins on top of each other to help her get results.

Now, who do you think is going to get to that 20lbs weight loss quicker?

I hope you picked Client P! 

Currently, I am reading the book Atomic Habits (if you can't tell), and I want to share some take away phrases that I think would be helpful for you to read and consider:

  1. “You have to learn how to trust yourself. Decide who you want to be and then prove it to yourself through small wins.”
  2. “We must create awareness of what we are doing before we can build habits!”
  3. “You think you lack motivation but actually you lack clarity!”
  4. “Everyone has goals but not everyone has systems. Think about it-why do some people win at their goals and some people don’t?”

If you need help building your "system" and achieving "small" wins week to week while you build your confidence and motivation, then My Gray30 is for you! You can check it out HERE

Talk soon!