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How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Outfit  


Article by Jana Meister

Photography by Jana Meister

The holiday season is finally here! There will be parties and get-togethers all month long, which means there is not a better time for getting all fancied up to be merry and bright than right now!

Finding the perfect look for a fancy Christmas party, brunch with my girlfriends, a holiday happy hour, or a white elephant party is always a top priority this time of the year. There is so much on the calendar; I need to have tried and true pieces in my wardrobe to create festive party looks.

When I am on the hunt for the perfect holiday outfits, I always think about a few things...

1. Can I RE-STYLE the look later for another occasion or another holiday event?

2. Does it feel COMFORTABLE and WARM 

3. Does it have a forgiving FIT—for eating, drinking, and socializing?

4. Does it have a FESTIVE print or color? 

5. Do I FEEL CONFIDENT when I wear it? 

If I can check off these few things on my list, I know I've found the perfect Holiday Look!

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Red Sweater: Here, Here

Black Skirt: Here, Here, Here

Block Heels: Here, Here, Here

Green Turtleneck: Here, Here

Black Party Skirt: Here, Here, Here

Party Shoes: Here, Here, Here

Faux Fur Coat: Here, Here, Here

Sequins/Metallic Skirt: Here, Here, Here

Red Cardi Sweater: Here, Here, Here

Polka Dot Dress: Here, Here

OTK Boots: Here, Here

Faux Fur Trimmed Coat: Here, Here

Velvet Dress: Here, Here, Here

Black Booties: Here, Here

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