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A Guide to Landscaping in Morristown


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One of the most common things among homeowners is focusing on the interior of their home and only completing the basic tasks on the exterior.

The exterior of your home is the first thing that others notice about your home, so when you have a landscaped and well-manicured lawn, it’s an assurance that your home is looking its best both inside and outside.

There is a vast array of options for homeowners interested in residential landscaping in Morristown. For instance, you can choose to have a simplified look, such as colorful flower beds or you can opt for landscaping that is not only creative but draws attention to the exterior of your home.

If you have decided it’s time to focus on landscaping, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind when searching for landscaping companies in Morristown. Here is a brief description of the most common types of landscaping services.

Landscaping Companies in Morristown

When searching for landscaping companies in Morristown to makeover your lawn, it’s important to understand what type of landscaping you are interested in.

For example, if you want basic lawn care, such as planting seasonal flowers that are fresh from the local nursery, or are you planning to completely overhaul your garden and lawn, such as installing landscape lighting or a retaining wall.

Although many landscaping companies offer services provided by landscape contractors, laborers, and landscaping architects, you’ll want to make sure to explain in detail the type of services you want in order to make sure the appropriate type of landscaping specialists arrives at your home.

Landscape Design Services Around the City

The primary difference between residential landscape design services and commercial landscaping is that residential projects are typically smaller than commercial projects.

Landscape designers are often self-taught, but many people that work for landscape design services have completed higher education courses that earned them a certificate. Regardless of how they learned their trade, landscape designers are knowledgeable and experienced in designing basic to intricate landscaping projects.

Design landscaping in Morristown may include a variety of special features, such as paved pathways, patios, retaining walls, and customized gardens. Landscape designers are experienced in choosing and placement of materials, such as metal, brick, flagstone, and concrete.

They are also skilled in the placement of softscape designs which often include materials, such as succulents, pebbles, bark, and mulch.

Landscape Architects

A landscape architect provides services that are different from a landscape designer. Landscape architects generally have a college degree and they are registered by the state.

Architects are trained in engineering, land grading, design, architecture, and drainage. Architects typically don’t handle the landscape installation, but they are available for assistance throughout the process.

Landscaping Contractors

The terms landscape contractor and landscaper are often considered to mean the same thing: however, there is a difference between the two.

Landscape contractors that specialize in landscaping in Morristown are typically licensed or registered with the state. They generally have a great deal of experience in the installation of new landscapes, modifying existing landscapes, and providing landscape maintenance and lawn care.

A landscaper is a generic term for individuals that work in the landscaping industry. Landscapers usually provide services such as the installation of landscape lighting, planting trees and flowers, and lawn maintenance.

Investing in landscaping in Morristown is an ideal way to add value to your property while improving the curb appeal of your home. Once you have decided the type of landscape services you are interested in, it’s important to take your time in choosing the landscape services provider.

Make sure you are clear about the type of services you want and that you have an understanding of the contract.

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