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Holistic Pain Solutions with R3 Physio

Beyond Symptom Relief: Holistic Therapies for Pain Management

Article by Jason Racca

Photography by Hope Gray Photography

Continuing our discussion on the Tack Theory in chronic pain management, we delve into the various therapies employed at R3 Physio. Our focus is not just on alleviating pain but on identifying and treating the underlying causes.

Multiple 'Tacks' in Pain Management

Pain is a complex experience influenced by various factors. At R3 Physio, we recognize that pain relief requires more than just symptom management. It involves understanding and addressing multiple 'tacks,' which could be physical, emotional, or related to lifestyle habits.

Visceral Manipulation and Its Role

One of the unique therapies we offer is visceral manipulation therapy. This technique is particularly effective in addressing deep-seated 'tacks' that traditional therapies might miss. It considers the body's visceral system, providing a comprehensive approach to pain management, but also has an affect on other systems of the body.

Integrating Diverse Therapeutic Approaches

Our integrated physical therapy approach considers the body as a whole. Whether it's physical therapy for dancers with injuries or non-surgical treatments for spinal disorders, our goal is to offer personalized care that addresses all aspects of a patient's well-being.


Effective pain management is about more than just temporary relief; it's about holistic healing. At R3 Physio we're committed to helping you uncover and address the 'tacks' impeding your recovery, offering a more fulfilled, pain-free life.

Next Steps: If you're seeking an alternative physical therapy for joint pain or a targeted therapy, contact us to learn how we can assist in your healing journey.

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