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Focus On Your Plate


Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

I have people asking me all of the time: ‘How do I have success with losing fat and seeing progress in my body composition without having to waste so much time on My Fitness Pal?’ Well it’s time to rejoice! There is another way! It's called focusing on your plate! 

We know that well balanced meals and snacks are crucial for not only having a healthy diet but also for feeling full after meal times, better blood sugar regulation/energy, and getting in a diverse amount of nutrients (both macro and micro or what I like to call vitamins/minerals). All of these benefits of a healthy plate are vital to success with body fat loss. 

Here’s some food for thought: 

  • If we don’t feel full for 3-6 hours after meal times then where do we usually find ourselves? Back in the pantry snacking on unhealthy things, right? 
  • If we don’t regulate our blood sugar, then what happens? We get hangry, cranky, have more cravings, less energy, and more inflammation.
  • If we don't get in all our macro and micronutrients throughout the day, what happens? We struggle to support our metabolism and our overall health (for ex: hormone regulation)

So, what are the components to a healthy plate you might ask? A healthy plate consists of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber (fruit/veggies). With these 4 components you will see success if you are struggling with the above! 

I challenge you to try this out consistently at meal and snack times and take note of how you feel! If you need more help in regards to what to put on your plate, I highly recommend checking out my Gray30 course

Talk soon!