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Women Business Owners Facing Divorce


Article by Elizabeth Gentry

Photography by Elizabeth Gentry

Owning a business while undergoing a divorce adds complexity. Here's a concise guide for women entrepreneurs facing this situation:

·     Strategic Approach: Begin with a clear plan, akin to your business strategy, outlining priorities and potential challenges. Understanding contributions to the business, valuing it accurately, and defining what you want from the settlement is crucial.

·     Legal Counsel: Work closely with a divorce attorney, especially one experienced in high-value assets. Consider agreements like prenups or postnups earlier in the relationship to help streamline the process if you do end up divorcing later on. and explore options like uncontested divorce to streamline the process.

·     Emotional Support: Acknowledge the emotional toll – your business is a part of your life’s work. Seek empathetic legal representation to safeguard your business while navigating this significant life transition.

 In Georgia, understanding marital property laws, strategizing business protection, and seeking professional guidance are vital for women entrepreneurs facing divorce. As a businesswoman, you should consider how to protect your family’s future. An attorney can help you make decisions that secure your life and protect your business, which in all likelihood, is your livelihood.

If you’re ready to start a new chapter, fairly divide the marital assets, and move forward with happy and healthy children, the Gentry Law Firm is here to prepare for everything. Located in Marietta, we offer experienced and compassionate legal guidance for families throughout Metro Atlanta and Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett.

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