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Social Distancing: Day #3,602,983


Article by Jessica Morris

Photography by Alexandra Jordan

“When this quarantine is over I’m going to ______!” It’s what we all kept saying! Now that businesses are opening up, I feel like there are two camps. One camp of people who are busting down the door to get to all their favorite places. And another camp that is not quite ready to venture out. 

I’m trying not to wish away this time and instead find the positive side. Being a nurse I realize I have not been quarantined in the same way as a lot of people because I still go to work three days a week. As businesses start opening up, I’m feeling antsy to start getting out of the house and resume my normal routine! But I don’t feel quite ready yet. Until we are completely in the clear of the virus I’m trying to find more ways to entertain myself at home. 

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Ideas for finding joy during social distancing or quarantine:

• Get moving! This one is so important for me and my mental health! Even if it is a walk outside, jog on the treadmill, or at home workout, it helps. Make moving at least 20 minutes of your day a priority and I promise it will help your mentality. 

• Get creative. If you are someone who needs a creative outlet, find something that may be time consuming that you didn’t have time for before. I make a scrapbook for every year that Jake and I are together… but I am so behind schedule! I don’t think I have finished our book for Year 3 and we just had our fourth anniversary, but now is a great time for me to catch up! Maybe drawing, coloring, painting, writing music, learning an instrument, making TikToks, makeup tutorials, etc. are something you want to try or get better at. A lot of lessons or tutorials can be found on Youtube, and a lot of inspo can be found on Pinterest. 

• Connect. I think a big part of the quarantine that is so hard for people is feeling disconnected. Zoom/Skype (does anyone still Skype??)/FaceTime is a great way to stay connected. If you aren’t someone who can just jump on a camera and chat, plan a game night or movie night on FaceTime with your friends or family! I recently heard about Netflix parties where you can all watch a movie together online and chat about it on the screen? I never heard of this until now! Social media can make us feel close, yet isolated. Call your loved ones and let them know you miss them! I bet that would brighten anyone’s day during this time. 

• Make a fun, upbeat playlist! Music can be a mood booster for so many people. Find or create a playlist of songs that get you in a good mood. For me, it’s throwbacks! If you know me, you know I love to sing in the car on full volume!! Sometimes a short drive around town with the windows down and your playlist on is all it takes to feel better. 

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• Learn something new. I mean… what better time to learn a language? Or try out new recipes. Or read about something or someone you want to know more about. I always tell myself I am going to learn Spanish (for real this time) and never have. Learn how to do that winged eyeliner or that braid, girl! Now’s the time…no one will see it if it looks crazy anyway!

• Read! I know this isn’t for everyone but reading is a huge escape for me and my family. Find a genre you’re interested in and forget about your stress or to do list for a few hours!

• Create a vision board for the year. This is typically something that we do at the beginning of the year, but with this unexpected event maybe your goals for the year have changed. Decide on your goals, grab magazines or print outs, and collage your inspo. I love vision boards! Hang it somewhere you’ll see it often so you can be reminded of what you want to get out of this year. 

• Find a way to support yourself and support others as well! I have seen a lot of people finding creative ways to provide income for their families during this time. A friend selling her artwork for example. So many people want to support others right now, especially small business owners that they know and love! We’re really all in this together; let’s support each other if we can.

Hopefully our lives will get back to normal soon! Until then, I hope this helped.