Shutters  Launches  Outdoor Dining Space

Crudo e Nudo kicks off new dining area

Article by shaena engle

Photography by shaena engle and Shutters

Shutters on the Beach has opened a new sophisticated outdoor rooftop dining space including stellar views of Santa Monica Beach and the ocean.

The new tented space includes romantic overhead lighting, comfy tables and heaters with décor provided by Veuve Clicquot. There is also a big outdoor living room seating area by the pool.

Shutters teamed with Chef Brian Bornemann to create a preview pop-up of his soon to open Crudo e Nudo restaurant. The pop-up will run beginning February 19, Fridays and Saturdays, for three weeks for dinner service with the final service on March 12-13. His new brick and mortar restaurant will open on Main Street next to Pasjoli and offer al fresco dining.

Chef Bornemann began his cooking career in Siena. “Most of the inspiration for our dishes and our style of rawbar preparations come from Southern Italian, specifically Amalfi, Bari, and Positano. The sunshine, climate, and simplistic preparations of great quality seafood work so well in Southern California. Here we are exemplifying the ethos of regional Italian cooking without replicating exact Italian dishes,” said Bornemann.

Crudo e Nudo translates to “raw and naked.” Chef Bornemann named his restaurant after his philosophy of letting great ingredients speak for themselves, “We think of it as ‘uncooked and undressed’. Our food is either raw to highlight how good our seafood and vegetables are dressed and garnished simply, or in the case of our grilled items, are served mostly ungarnished or ‘nudo’. Our technique highlights and compounds flavors of the star ingredient. Leaving it ‘raw and naked’, means the ingredient must be the best, there is nothing to hide behind,” he said.

The seafood focused menu at the Crudo e Nudo preview included a delicious bright kanpachi sashimi with blood orange vinaigrette, bottarga and a flower garnish; princess scallops on the half shell; oysters; roasted shrimp skewers and tuna tartar toast. When asked why he chose Shutters to team with for his preview pop-up, Bornemann responded, “We were able to have an oyster station with the best view in the world. It doesn’t get any better for a pop-up location.”

We also enjoyed tasty Veuve Clicquot cocktails which will continue to be offered at Shutters.

Pacific Terrace is open to diners Thursday through Monday from 3-9pm with no reservations required, located at Shutters on the Beach, 1 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica.

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