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Meet Tara Quinn


Article by City Lifestyle Somerset Hills

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Behind every successful business, there is a visionary. In the heart of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, T-Bella Med Spa stands as a testament to that, thanks to its founder and heart, Tara Quinn. For those in the Basking Ridge NJ area and beyond, this Med Spa is a haven for all seeking premier aesthetic treatments – a perfect marriage of beauty, luxury, and cutting-edge medical technology.

Tara's journey into the world of aesthetic wellness was not just a professional leap but a personal passion. A seasoned medical professional, her artistry and medical prowess shine brightly at T-Bella Med Spa. Just a year ago, Tara embraced her dream, blending the medical world with aesthetic brilliance. "You need bravery, creativity, and solution-driven thinking," she reveals, principles that have illuminated her transition from a conventional medical path to aesthetic artistry.

Outside her professional realm, Tara is a culinary enthusiast. After intense days, she often unwinds by preparing gourmet dinners. Some of her signature dishes include a delightful coffee-rubbed salmon paired with a refreshing watermelon & cucumber salad and a delectable seared steak complemented by spicy garlic-miso butter. This culinary masterpiece is served alongside asparagus and a unique two-tone potato gratin.

Professionally, Tara stands out not just for her business acumen but for her dedication to mastering her craft. Her expertise shines in combination treatments – skillfully using both Botox and Fillers to sculpt the desired outcomes. Her commitment to knowledge is unwavering. She has participated in intensive cadaver courses, deepening her understanding of anatomy, vasculature, vascular mapping variations, and the nuances of natural aging.

Yet, at the heart of her spa is a story – a narrative of personal connection. Tara shares, "My bond with my patients is sacred. Watching them transform, not just externally, but blossoming in confidence, walking taller, exuding happiness, and reflecting health – that's rewarding." This was the flame that ignited her passion for launching T-Bella Med Spa – a space where personal care is not a mere statement but a practiced ethos.

When she's not revolutionizing the aesthetic industry, Tara loves skiing, globetrotting, and exploring the newest restaurants with her loved ones. But her journey with each client remains central. Tara Quinn isn't just the face behind T-Bella Med Spa; she's the visionary who ensures each client's aesthetic dream transforms into a tangible, beautiful reality. At T-Bella Med Spa, you're not just a client – you're family.

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