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Article by Jena Hoenes

Photography by Jena Hoenes

Open Enrollment is an excellent opportunity to update your health care plan, assess your coverage and budget, and make any necessary changes to your healthcare strategy. During this period, you have the chance to explore new options and potentially save money on your healthcare premium and out-of-pocket cost.

Who is eligible for healthcare discounts and savings?

Low income and Middle Class individuals and families may be eligible for the Premium Tax Credit (PTC) to reduce the cost of monthly health insurance premiums and Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) may also be applied to coverage as an extra savings on out-of-pocket costs for those who qualify.

How to see what you qualify for discounted healthcare?

To determine if you are eligible for these savings, visit The Health Insurance Gal's website to shop your MarketPlace options. Our team of experts can help you navigate the healthcare marketplace and help zero in on the best plan to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. Our mission is to simplify online health insurance shopping by delivering services, tools, and resources to you for FREE.

Important dates for Marketplace coverage 

  • November 1: Open Enrollment starts. 
  • December 15: Enroll for coverage that starts January 1. 
  • January 15: The last day to enroll; Open Enrollment for 2024 coverage ends.

Don't miss out on potential savings and benefits, enroll during Open Enrollment!

Open Enrollment is only open for a limited time each year, so it's important to take advantage of this period to review your healthcare options and make any necessary changes.

To learn more about PTC and CSR , visit

The Health Insurance Gal is your go-to resource for all things health insurance. Our website offers information on PTC and CSR, including eligibility requirements and how to apply for these savings. We also have a team of certified agents who can answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of enrolling in a plan that works best for you.

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