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Imagine eating the same meal, day in, and day out. Even if it was your favorite food (let’s say bacon), the appeal would eventually wear off. At first, you’d be excited: “Bacon for breakfast! Woohoo!” But eat bacon every day for a few weeks (heck, more than a week) and the novelty wears off.

That’s one of the reasons why we, at Pet Wants, recommend rotation feeding as part of your dog’s diet. Dogs get bored with eating the same foods all the time just like we do. Rotation feeding involves varying your pooch’s proteins on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly) so they can broaden their palate and experience a wider range of nutrients and flavors.

Every dog is different, which means their dietary needs are different. All Pet Wants foods are complete and balanced, however each protein features a different nutritional profile. By switching it up, your dog is more likely to get all of the nutrients they need from all the proteins available.

Rotational feeding can also help avoid food intolerance and gastrointestinal issues. Imagine eating only chicken for a long period of time and then you eat a cheeseburger... watch out! Just like this may cause havoc on your system; it can also cause unnecessary stress to your pet which could result in long term health problems. 

And let’s face it—eating the same thing every day is boring! If Fido is a ‘picky’ eater, then it’s time to spice up doggy dinner time (figuratively speaking of course). We recommend planning rotational feeding around the time you usually replenish your dog food supplies. 

To make re-ordering your pet food even easier, we offer recurring delivery options. So, your pet can get a new flavor of small-batch, all-natural food automatically delivered to their bowl every 2 to 8 weeks - like clockwork. We offer all of our foods by the pound. Buy only what you need, when you need it. No more running out of food. No more heavy bags. It’s convenient and easy! And better yet, we provide you with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on our free delivery service and high-quality fresh food.

Ready to change things up a bit? Give Fido a new flavor this time around and while you’re at it why not hop on our recurring delivery option for peace of mind? We are here to help.

Give your pet what they want by visiting www.petwants.com/johnscreek or call 678-369-7987.

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