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Ida’s Bridal, located in Windmill Square, has served the Kansas City community for over a decade. It’s clear from talking to Ida Moore, the owner and operator, that she was born to sew and that owning her own shop was only a matter of time. Ida lost her mother at a young age, but had a nanny who would sew and let her sit on her lap to watch. When Ida moved to America at the age of 9, her foreign dress made her feel out of place, and she started to apply the skills she had learned to make her own clothes. Her skill changed her fashion from one that made her feel out of place into one that made her stand out.

She began making clothes for her peers, from prom dresses to costumes for theaters, and when she married at 17 and moved to Kansas City she started to work for bridal stores. Her greatest skill was in alterations and custom work, particularly with veils. She used these skills to start her own business where she, at first, made only veils and headpieces. Barely six months in, she had several brides and friends urging her to sell dresses and do custom alterations again. 

Her initial work was met with amazing success. She quickly gained an exclusive partnership with Pronovias and became the top retailer for both the Kansas and Missouri area. She advertised, and with word of mouth spreading about her amazing service, they grew. Ida’s Bridal’s success gave them the room to move to a larger location on 91st and Metcalf, where they were located for 5 years, using over 12000 square feet of space.

In 2014-2015, Ida’s Bridal faced some trials.  “I was very trusting,” Ida says, as she describes brides who would come in the store to find a dress they liked and the correct size and then leave with a picture of the tag to buy online. She found that while her foot traffic had not died down, the sales had decreased. Disheartened, they moved back to Windmill Square and narrowed their selection back down to Bridal items only.

From the beginning of Ida’s Bridal until now, Ida has prided herself on their impeccable quality and service. From personal inspections on all gowns, to custom work, to the consultations, Ida has been sure to help every bride not only find their dream ensemble, but to help them create it. Ida cares about every bride’s special day, and wants them to be more than satisfied - she wants them overjoyed. This is what has always made her business stand out as a bridal retail store, and with their move back to Windmill Square, that personal touch has returned full-force.

Ida’s Bridal’s special sauce all resides in Ida herself, who has used her success to help missionaries and the Kansas City community. She hopes that in the future she will continue to help brides around the area who want that special, personal touch.

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