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How to Begin a Regular Yoga Practice


Article by Laura Mak Quist

Photography by Courtney Wilde Photography

How is your yoga practice going lately? You don’t have one yet? Well, here are a few tips to inspire you to begin a regular yoga practice.

“Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind, and soul.”

— Amit Ray

Yoga Benefits

There are many benefits to practicing yoga. For one, it helps you to calm down. This will give you a time to practice connecting your mind and body without judgement.  In yoga, a main focus in any style is to learn to center yourself. When you adjust your mindset and focus on centering your body and mind it can provide a state of peace, tranquility, and serenity. 

Who can use a little more of this?!?!

I am so grateful to have found yoga. After years of elite gymnastics, competing as an NCAA Division 1 Gymnast, and then on to the top pro ranks of the IFBB Fitness, I needed a change of lifestyle. I was so over being “judged” on my body from my life that was comprised of fitness, dance, and gymnastics for so many years. 

Why Yoga

It is refreshing to find a movement that is:

  • non-competitive
  • non-judgmental
  • goes at your own pace by 
  • teaches you to listen to your body
  • honors your body where it is presently

At the same time, yoga is a wonderful practice that helps you to develop your body’s flexibility, strength, and core engagement. 

Biggest Yoga Myth

MYTH: You have to be flexible to do yoga.

REALITY: If you do practice yoga you will gain flexibility. Do you have an area in your body that could use some flexibility? This is one of the biggest reasons why you should add a yoga practice into your self-care, healthy living, and mindful lifestyle. Adding a yoga practice into your fitness routine even a few days a week can add huge benefits. It is a wonderful compliment to other types of fitness activities and can even enhance your other physical exercises. It teaches you a new “vocabulary” of movements. Yoga helps you learn to connect breath to movement which can be translated into other activities.

There are many online classes available right now to try out for free of for a nominal fee. Why don’t you try a few different styles of classes and instructors to see who resonates with you. 

Be sure to check out my LIVE online classes on Tues and Thurs over on You can also check out more in the Mak Attack Fitness Pak. I will look forward to seeing you there. Until then, have a healthy day, and . . . .namaste :)



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